Is it possible to freeze the meat?

Is it possible to freeze the meat?

vast majority of people eat meat.The best taste, of course, has fresh meat.However, not every woman can afford to buy it for daily needs.Too short shelf life.So often we have to compromise and freeze at home even purchased chilled meat.Sold in specialized stores frozen meat is currently undergoing deep-frozen by shock.Experienced hostess, answering the question whether it is possible to freeze the meat in the home without substantial detriment to taste, give an affirmative answer.However, at the same time added that it is necessary to know how to freeze and unfreeze meat.

Freezing meat

  • freeze and thaw meat several times unacceptable - while fully will lose its beneficial properties and taste.
  • avoid re-frozen meat should be immediately divided into portioned pieces, each packed in a separate plastic bag.Then the meat does not need to be re-frozen.At the same time small pieces of freeze very quickly and it will reach the effect of industrial fast freezing.And the shelf life of frozen meat at the
    same time can be up to six months.

defrost meat

  • To preserve flavor meat is best to defrost at approximately at 0 °.Therefore, it is best to get it out of the freezer and stand about a day in the refrigerator.
  • meat can be thawed at room temperature, but it may deteriorate the quality of taste, and it can lose up to 5% moisture.
  • have meat subjected to defrosting in a microwave oven, or other heat-significantly palatability deteriorates.
  • Thawed meat can be cooked in any way.Some housewives, there is disagreement over whether it is possible to cook frozen meat.Some say that when cooking frozen meat broth will turn cloudy.Others argue that cooking the meat to defrost is not necessarily just have to cook it over low heat.And that was not muddy soup, add carrots.