What added to the burgers ?

Any classic recipe is always possible to alter to your taste, slightly modifying the list of ingredients.In particular, this applies to cooking chops - each family has its own "proprietary" method.

additives options for burgers

We will bring the number of ingredients to 0.5 kg of minced meat, which comes from approximately 8-10 cutlets - depending on what you make of their size.

classic recipe

  • Bow.Enough of one medium onion.It can be either a chop or mince.You can also pre-fry the onions in the pan.Just keep in mind that in this case the stuffing will be even more bold.Usually fried onions for the hamburgers of lean minced chicken.
  • Egg.To burgers are not too liquid, it will be enough to put 1 egg.But if you bought a very small eggs, but it is permissible to add a couple of pieces.
  • Bread.A small slice of bread soaked in milk, a couple of minutes or ordinary water.Then it a little squeeze to remove excess water, and put in the stuffing.You can also run it through a meat grinder.

Cutlets with vegetables

  • Bow.It requires one onion - chopped or minced.
  • Carrots.Suffice it to a carrot, grated.
  • Peppers.If the pepper is very large, it will suffice halves.If small - add a sip.Previously chop it into small cubes.

vegetables are added to the minced meat with egg and soaked bread.They can be put raw or roasted in a small amount of oil.The latter option is better to apply for a low-fat chicken meat.

By the way, can also be added will be sufficient 7-10 pieces in a little mushroom burgers, such as mushrooms.They can be pre-boil and can be added to the stuffing moist, but free from the film, carefully washed and cut into cubes.You can also soak the mushrooms for 30 minutes in salted water.For this purpose, 0.5 liters of water, add 2 tablespoons of salt.Place the mushrooms in it and wait.In this embodiment, the preparation of minced meat should be a little less salt.

Creamy meatballs

  • Cheese.Cut 100 grams of cheese into small cubes and add to the stuffing.
  • Smetana.Add the minced meat, along with onions and egg, bread 2-3 tablespoons of sour cream.It is better to take the fat content of the product in 15-20% - it will be tastier.

Can use in the preparation of both ingredients cutlets or only one of them.These ingredients are suitable for both classic meat, and for minced meat, where there are also additional vegetables.

Original burgers

What added to the burgers, if they want to cook this dish in a special way?Where options can be any number.

For example, you can cook juicy tender chicken cutlets with prunes in the sauce.For this purpose, 600 g of minced meat must take 200 ml cream, 100 ml wine and 100 grams of cheese, 1 egg, 1 onion, crumbs for breading.Prunes taken over taste - depending on how bright you want to feel it in the chops.For example, you can take one prunes each cutlet - this amount of meat comes somewhere 6 fairly large meatballs.Prunes and cheese is added as a filler.After frying for a few minutes, cutlets, breaded them pour wine and cream - a dish stewed in the sauce until tender.

Well, of course, all kinds of hamburgers always added salt, spices, herbs and pepper to taste!

And to burgers you will never fall apart, take it a rule to carefully knead and then beat the stuffing.

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