What good champagne ?

What good champagne ?

the eve of the holidays, many of us more and more thinking about what kind of champagne or sparkling wine is best served at the table.It is worth noting that the very champagne - it is nothing like grape wine, foaming when pouring into a glass.So what is the best champagne?Let's try to figure it out.

Qualitatively champagne foaming property is achieved naturally with carbon dioxide to form a natural way.Very often, the wine is placed into the gas by means of special equipment.This wine is in any case can not be called a good and quality - this is a fake, which should be wary.Of course, the wine can be of different colors, but the champagne is called the only white wine.

Signs of quality champagne

The first thing you should pay attention, if you decide to buy champagne vkakoe is his sparkling.If a large number of champagne sparkling bubbles that melt for a long time, this is a quality drink.

second - is the amount of sugar in champagne.Specialists winemakers believe that the drink add sugar wit

h only one single purpose - to hide all its flaws.Thus, natural champagne connoisseurs always prefer to buy Brut.If the manufacturer adds sugar, this wine, it probably will not have time before the end of fermented drink, and it is quite tasteless.

next thing that can help in choosing what kind of champagne is good - it is the presence of acid.There are already important use of the technological process of making sparkling wine.If the amount of acid is considerably greater than the established norm, then this sparkling wine is considered to be completely spoiled.

should still pay attention to when choosing your champagne on the concentration of a specific extract.It is he who determines the taste of sparkling wine.It depends on the grape variety.If this concentrate a lot, the champagne will taste quite saturated.

Do not assume that the champagne - it is a natural product, because the process of making wine using a considerable amount of preservatives that give different flavors of alcoholic beverages.Now you know what a delicious champagne and how to choose the right on the holiday table this traditional drink.