How to eat potatoes ?

How to eat potatoes ?

average inhabitant of Russia is so fond of potatoes and used to it, it can eat a month three buckets of potatoes.This national statistics.But American geneticists have figured out how to cook the potatoes to benefit from it.They were joined by the Russian nutritionists, surgeons and cardiologists.

However, potato can be harmful for the body.Be aware that the main harm to potato brings inappropriate preparation.It is best to cook it in the skin.

Let's talk about how to eat potatoes with the maximum benefit.Consider some recipes with potatoes, potato consumption tips, as well as the benefits and harms of this vegetable.

How to eat potatoes: Tips

Nutritionists recommend eating potatoes not more than 3 times a week and only in the morning, since it contains starch in abundance, which is absorbed by the body hard enough.

potatoes can be used as the main product: bake, cook, fry, extinguish, to make of it mashed potatoes.Also, the potatoes can be added as an ingredient in soups, salads, stews.List

of potato dishes is limited only by the imagination of the culinary.However, it should comply with the basic rules of cooking potatoes to the dish out of it to get the most useful.Consider a few tips on how to cook and eat potatoes.

Pay attention to how you cut the potatoes.If before the fire and cook it, you cut the vegetables very finely, lost potassium, which is beneficial for the heart.This is due to the high temperature conditions during potato processing.

To potatoes well absorbed, it is recommended to use it with butter and vegetable oil, sour cream or cream, as well as with the vegetables and herbs.

Cardiologists and nutritionists recommend baked potatoes in foil - and useful properties are maintained, and calories in this dish less.

Try as much as possible to avoid the fries, because cooking oil releases is not useful substances.Form harmful radicals that affect the liver and gastrointestinal tract.

Cook vegetables whole and sliced ​​or knead into a puree then later.Firstly, because it is more convenient, and secondly, to get the right amount of mineral salts.

recommendations of nutritionists about how to eat potatoes, are quite simple.We need to eat baked or boiled vegetables with the skin, as it contains useful for liver and heart tissue.Of course, do not forget to thoroughly wash the potatoes before cooking.

To preserve the beneficial properties and vitamin C in potatoes cook it better, dropping into hot water, rather than in cold.

avoid trouble not cook dishes from potato tubers green with - in them a large amount of solanine, which is considered one of the most dangerous poisons.If the potatoes are slightly bitter taste, it is better to throw this dish, do not hesitate: it is the same solanine.

poisonous potatoes and berries that grow on the land part.There are cases of death after the man tried them.

Potato dishes

  1. mashed potatoes - this is one of the most popular dishes.But the really delicious it is, if not just to cook and crush the potatoes and add the milk, butter and eggs.Sophistication mashed potatoes give the crushed garlic and green onions.And before serving portions recommended to add on top of grated cheese and sour cream.This dish can also be used as the core, and as a garnish to any meat.
  2. helpful and very quick to prepare dish is baked potatoes with spices.To do this, wash and not peeled, cut potato slices not thicker than 1 cm. Melt 2 tablespoonsbutter and the same vegetable in a pan, add 1 ch. l.Italian herbs, squeeze in the oil 2 cloves of garlic and chopped parsley.Add salt and pepper to taste.Mix everything.Drizzle Get herb butter potatoes and bake in the oven (220 degrees) for 25 minutes.
  3. If you want to cook the unusual dish of potatoes that will surprise the taste and original performance of your relatives and friends, the best recipe will be stuffed with potatoes.To do this, boil the unpeeled potatoes in salted water, add a little cumin.Next, it is necessary to clean the potatoes and cut in half, remove the core and mix it with chicken or minced meat and cream.In melted lard with vegetable oil should be added beef, pre-shredded red pepper, garlic and onion.Season with salt and pepper and fry for 5 minutes.Then fill with minced meat cooked potato halves, sprinkle grated cheese on top and put on a baking sheet, greased.Bake in oven for 20 minutes.

Useful properties of potato

you already know how to properly eat potatoes, and now need to figure out what its good for our body.

  1. by the number of vitamins potatoes is comparable only with the broccoli.It is rich in carotene, folic acid, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and organic elements.In addition, the composition of the vegetable has vitamins B6, PP, E, and many others.
  2. because it contained potassium potato positive effect on the heart and circulatory system and eliminates edema.
  3. Potatoes are rich in vitamin C. organic vegetables very carefully, because this vitamin is found only once under his skin.
  4. Potatoes - a real natural filter that removes from the liver cholesterol.
  5. in the intestine through the potato produced pectin.
  6. Nutritionists argue that a diet based on potatoes and eggs helps in the treatment of renal disease, and milk-potato diet - salvation for hypertensive patients.

harm potato

But potatoes can be harmful.

  1. Absolutely all nutritionists say that roast potatoes and meat and fried potatoes - the first step to obesity.They base this on the fact that this vegetable is - a real «bomb carbohydrate."
  2. If you try a low fat diet, the potato is not for you, because in a potato more than 800 calories.
  3. Remember that potatoes - an inexhaustible source of starch, and its excess is harmful to the human body.