Removing the plastic window ?

Removing the plastic window ?

Removing the plastic window can be made independently.After this process is not complicated.But in advance you need to read the instructions on how to remove the plastic window and see the list of required tools.

What tools are needed for removing windows

remove the plastic box must be set using the following tools:

  • a sharp knife;
  • set of screwdrivers;
  • pliers;
  • rubber mallet;
  • chisel.

Removing the plastic window: step by step instructions

To remove a window from plastic should be strictly in this order:

  1. Perform dismantling ebbs and window sills.While it is necessary to use a sharp knife.Cut them a layer of foam placed between the window and the pail, then abruptly pull the last first on himself and then up.But the important thing here is not to overdo it, otherwise there is a risk of broken parts.Similarly dismantled tide.
  2. Remove the sash with a plastic window.First, a flat screwdriver, remove the right size with loops all laths.The same tool to pry the upper pin and then pull it dow
    n.Then use pliers to remove this item completely.But it is important to maintain during this window by hand.Then you will only lift the flap up and gently remove it from the bottom of the pin.Put it aside.Now proceed with the dismantling of the second flap in the same way.
  3. At this point you want to remove the plastic double-glazed windows.First, it is removed from the hollow part of the frame.To do this, remove the glazing beads with a chisel and a rubber mallet.Then carefully remove the glazing Stuff, which then must put in place, where there is no risk of it accidentally break.
  4. began dismantling the window frame.Remove from its anchor perimeter.Then remove the mounting foam between the wall and the frame.Do it with a sharp knife.Then pull back on the frame, and then completely remove it from opening.At the dismounting of the plastic window has been completed.It is also desirable to watch the video, which shows how this process takes place.

work undertaken to dismantle, you can begin to install the new product.This will help our article How to insert a plastic window.After installation, be sure to remove its protective film.After all, if this is not done immediately, it is due to exposure to UV rays firmly stick to the plastic.This process is described in detail in our article How to remove the protective film.