How to clean a bath?

How to clean a bath?

Every housewife has a secret supply of house cleaning.Such secrets in store for each corner of the apartment, but at times their own cleaning secrets are missing.We are ready to share some of the subtleties of the cleaning bath.It must be admitted, cleaning the bath - this is quite a common problem.How to clean plaque and rust?How to clean a bath?Plaque and rust - the consequences of poor-quality water, and the use of the wrong cleaning products.

Before you start cleaning the bath by various means should be put on the rubber gloves, apron or apron and, preferably, to get a respirator.It should also be away from the harvesting place to place pets and children.

first bath is rinsed with warm water to clean her bottom and sides, and you can use a variety of powders, pastes, gels, and more.To clean usually use nylon brush.If the hand is not special means, it is possible to dispense soap and soda.

If the bath is heavily contaminated, it should be cleaned with a rag or a rigid brush with a mixture of

baking soda and 5-10 drops of ammonia.There need patience and diligence.

rust from the walls of the bath can be removed with a special gel, it should be remembered that on the walls of the enamel has a thin layer and cleaned every day, they can not, in order to avoid the imminent erasure of the enamel layer.

To remove plaque lime, the surface to be treated with oxalic acid (10% solution), or the heated vinegar.Lime quickly dissolve and depart.Vinegar - this is a great tool for washing of bath, it is easy to remove rust and dirt.

If your goal is a perfect white bath, then you will bleach, it is perfectly cope with a yellow tinge.His throw (consistency resembles sour cream) and cover them tub wall, after drying, remove with a damp cloth.For greater effect, the procedure should be repeated.

soap plaque is removed from the bath with turpentine or solvent oil paints.For this, the surface is wiped with a cloth soaked in these tools.After treatment, the bath should be washed with detergent.

Also worth mentioning some of the ways and means, which are not recommended for cleaning the bath, as it can cause serious harm.

to clean the bath do not use metal brushes to scratch the enamel surface and shine disappear.It is also worth remembering that the bath is afraid of sudden changes in temperature, such a douche will cause small cracks enamel.It is not necessary to wash the bath of funds intended for toilets, as contained in their part of the acid will eat away at the enamel and quickly bring your bath into a state of disrepair.

But in the last few years in high demand in the market began to use a bath of acrylic.Now we find out - you clean acrylic bath?And what features in these baths?

In fact, such a bath does not need any special care.Their surface is enough to rinse periodically a jet of warm water.Ideal - after each wash.Normally care acrylic bath, use a soft cloth and liquid soap or liquid detergent.

than pure acrylic bath to get rid of traces of rust?Typically, a heated vinegar or lemon juice.Acrylic baths can not be cleaned with abrasive pastes, powders, and emulsions based on alcohol.The temperature difference acrylic bathtubs are not afraid.These baths retain their original appearance throughout the entire time of operation.