Why light flashes ?

Why light flashes ?

Flickering or from time to time "blinking" light bulbs - a problem not by hearsay familiar to many people in our country.Probably, you've ever fight with the capricious lamp, categorically refuse to work in a stable mode.To resolve this problem, you must first understand the reasons that cause it.In fact, blink or flicker light bulbs in the house can be for several different reasons.Consider the major ones.Why

included light flashes?

  • first reason - you change the light bulb on energy saving (an LED or fluorescent), and the switch is a small light showing the way to the light switch in the dark.To keep your energy saving lamp stops blinking will have to remove the light bulb in the switch.It's pretty simple - disassemble it.
  • second reason - in your neighborhood someone conducts electric welding works.During powerful welding machine to the mains, not designed for pulse welding currents, there is a large transient voltage sag, causing the lamp in the house begin to blink frequently.
  • Reason Three - failure wiring.If the wiring in the house is old, in the veins of the wires can form hidden fissuring.At the same time the inclusion in such a faulty network a large number of high-power appliances worn wires overheat, the overheating leads to the fact that the lights in the house begin to flicker or twinkle.
  • Reason Four - faulty contacts in the switch or in the lamp holder.If included light begins to wink, and from the switch at the same time you hear a characteristic crackling, then the whole reason lies in the poor contact in the circuit breaker.If the switch is OK, the reason for the flashing can be oxidised in the lamp holder or lamp can be simply screwed in until the end of this cartridge.
  • fifth reason - becomes unstable transformer substation supplies electricity to your home.In this case, in peak times or during lamp switching power lines throughout the house can blink.

Why flashes shut down energy-saving light bulb?

The first reason: the lamp is connected to a network using a switch having LED backlighting.To the lamp is not blinking, you can:

  1. Change it to a normal incandescent lamp.
  2. Replace the switch with illumination conventional switch.
  3. unplugged LED backlight (open switch and a snack suitable for illumination of the wire).

second reason - incorrect connection of the lamp.Sometimes the energy saving lamp may blink when its switch is connected in the wrong order, the phase and neutral wire.In this case, in order to eliminate the flashing lights, you must swap the phase and neutral conductor in the electrical distribution, located at the entrance to the apartment.

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