What is important in life ?

What is important in life ?

Sooner or later every person thinks about the life values.Amazingly, if you ask different people what the most important thing in my life, for sure they will respond the same way.It is the same!Simply, they will put the values ​​in different ways, in their order according to their importance.This procedure depends on many factors: age, gender, ideology, character, etc.However, the list will remain unchanged.


Nobody would argue that it is the health of the value of life, which is less dependent on the rest of our volitional decisions.But without health it has neither the desire nor the capacity to realize their aspirations in life.If you ask the question about what is important in life, such as a child, he is unlikely to put health first.He has not experienced serious shocks, did not feel much pain and faced with severe disease and death.But it is worth asking the same thing a pensioner, and you certainly hear that health - the most valuable thing in this life.


For many, it is close and native people are the greatest treasure.We all need support and care.And who gives us all this selflessly, without demanding anything in return?That native people: our children, parents, grandparents, sisters and brothers.In the family we always feel protected, it is we can be, we hasten to the family for advice, for comfort and warmth, the family we are just in a hurry, because otherwise we can not!


How many words are said, written, and how many have not expressed this feeling!We all aspire to it.Love!Someone finds it, someone loses, but happy to have just because finally found out what it is!We all want to be loved and to give love.There is an unconditional love like the love of mother and child.Is the passion between woman and man.There's even a love for God.We can not explain all of these feelings, but they help us to understand that we are important and necessary, that we are not alone!


Another type of relationship that gives us the feeling that we need someone - this friendship.If we know that in this world there are people who are able to understand us, to support, to share the joys and troubles that will not betray and will not leave us, life looks much more attractive.


Most of us can not imagine a life in which there is no wallets with credit cards and money, comfortable bed and great food, entertainment and other small pleasures of life.We want to surround themselves with beautiful and comfortable things that we want, want and want again.For a man it is quite normal, but Einstein was right, saying that everything is relative.For some, the above presented list may seem ridiculous for someone - an accomplishment, and someone even basic things for survival is enough.

Personal growth and spiritual development

We live a new day, and it brings new impressions and experience.One can not freeze at a certain point, he is always moving forward.We strive to learn more, understand more and understand.That's what we get education, and not always within the walls of institutes or universities.Sometimes the best education - this we met people who experienced the situation and passed the test.

internal and external freedom

Personality in a broad and deep sense, can not fully exist without the feeling of freedom.If the will of man can not be expressed, the person turns into a creature.Restrictions prejudices, the conventions that surround us, are able to restrain our freedom, even inside.However, even in the most difficult situations man does not cease to seek free access to their thoughts and emotions.

status and career

Man - a social being.We can not be absolutely independent from the society.That is why we constantly strive to show themselves, their talents, abilities and virtues.For many, career and social ladder becoming the number one value.And we can not blame them, because thus man shows around and prove to himself that he is irreplaceable and unique.

Peace of mind and inner harmony

probable that this value is the slozhnodostizhimoy.A person may have all but remain unsatisfied with.We constantly want something, strive for something and can not stop and think: "And if I bring all this peace and harmony or am I just running in circles?".

And it looks like your list?What is more important in life: love or peace of mind?Think about what is most important in life for you?A better write this list for clarity.Maybe then you will become a little happier by understanding that you have everything to be happy!And what is still there, always will be, because we are building our destiny every day!