Why blinking light ?

Why blinking light ?

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Why blinking light?

Since the end of the XIX century artificial lighting electrical appliances and to faithfully serve the good of man.Uniform light from the light bulb allows us to take care of business at any time of the day.However, we all ever noticed how light "blinks".Let's understand why the light is blinking, and how to fix it.

Why blink incandescent bulbs?

  1. you have changed the lamp on the LED or fluorescent, and your switch is a small red LED that shows the location of the switch in the dark?Simply remove the diode from the switch and everything goes.In addition will increase the life of your energy-saving lamps.(More on this below)
  2. also the most common reason - too weak or unstable AC mains voltage.It can be caused by common causes, such as failure of the electric panel or incorrectly calculated the value of electricity consumption in the home, and quite specific cases when, for example, you or your neighbors use too powerful appliance or several
    powerful electrical appliances at the same time that excessive overloadnet.In this case, to get rid of the blinking, you must first determine the cause of this behavior and the bulbs or increase the efficiency of the electrical panel, or reduce the load on it.
  3. Faulty switch or wiring in the house.There may be many reasons for private, as may be defective concrete breaker, wiring, as some single site, or separately in any room in the apartment, or just around the house.Solving the problem in each of these cases will be his, but the general advice in this situation is to call an electrician to have it checked and repaired all the wiring fault.
  4. the next part of the reason - the entry of foreign objects into the base.Even a small garbage can hinder contact with the bulb socket.The solution of this problem is obvious - you need to clean the base of foreign objects.
  5. lamp may not be fully screwed into the socket.Try a light bulb screwed tighter - perhaps this will help.
  6. Another reason that may flash bulb - bulb size mismatch cap size.In this case, it will be necessary to buy new bulbs and the necessary size to replace the old.
  7. Banal fault light bulb can cause the light to flicker.Bulbs can be purchased from the original marriage or broke down over time.In this case, it should simply be replaced by a new one.

data causes blinking bulb in principle relevant to all types of lamps.Below we describe other, more specific causes of certain types of blinking lights.

blink Why energy saving lamps?

Typically, energy-saving light bulbs blink due to a malfunction of the smoothing capacitor in the circuit breaker.This problem occurs in the breakers, which further mounted LED light for their designation and detection in the dark.The current moves through the LED circuit and the resistance of the bulb.The capacitor can store a small amount of power and attempt to ignite the lamp.This explains, including the question of why light blinks after switching off.This fault can also occur when using fluorescent and LED lamps.Possible fixes damage:

  • The easiest way - to replace the switch to a more simple, without diode backlight.
  • If you change the switch do not want, you can try to turn off the backlight switch, breaking the chain of diode power.
  • chandelier If you use multiple lights, you can replace one of them on a small llama incandescent power, which will go with the current of the capacitor.
  • You can add additional resistance in the circuit.Doing it yourself, we do not recommend and advise to address with this problem to the experienced electrician.

blink Why halogen lamps?

Halogen lamps are generally installed along with a special protection unit, which protects them from burning at the time of inclusion.If you started blinking halogen lamps, the problem just in the protection unit.Try to replace him.

On the principles of the various lamps, see the article Why is lit lightbulb.In the Electrical you will find other tips on how to deal with electrical appliances.