How to hide your feelings ?

How to hide your feelings ?

Sometimes we just need to pull yourself together and keep calm expression.But situations in life are different, we can as much as necessary, to promise yourself to control their outbursts of emotion, but in the most extreme situation again to remove the mask of impenetrability and bare their feelings to other people.Then we start to envy those who can rein in his emotions.In fact, such people are not much.If you are not a seasoned scout dangerous situations and not a philosopher, has long renounced the worries of this world, then you are an ordinary person, to which this article will tell you how to hide your feelings.

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For starters, let's see what you something to hide.Do you have a reason for it?Maybe you are ashamed of your weaknesses?Or are you afraid attacking others?You may just very difficult to demonstrate that experience, because you do not know how to properly express their needs.Realizing what causes encourage you to wear a mask of impartiality, you will understand whe

ther or not to turn to a therapist who can teach properly express emotions or act alone.

Choose a mask

If you want to get along easily in a large and complex team, choose a role for themselves.Put on a mask of "business lady", "bitch", "Company of the soul" or "conflict-clever."And play its proper role of the mask.You can be anyone, the choice is yours.The image should be as large as possible correspond to reality, your current character and temperament.But be careful!Over time, the mask will grow to the skin, you will become to be what you want to appear.

Its little trick

Think of yourself as quickly lock negative emotions.This can be a phrase that miraculously calms you.For example, some aphorism, saying, able to reason with you in a difficult situation.Or imagine a picture of harmony.You sail on a boat.All around peace and quiet.Clear water is shrouded in the morning mist.Ahead of the sunrise.And on the shore could be seen rustling reeds and green grass, if you listen to it, you can hear the dripping dew.Calmed down?Then the next time, like in a family scandal to happen or at work, or you will find yourself in another stressful situation, mentally go away in a favorite place and enjoy its charms.

Fixation on extraneous

No one will see your hidden feelings, if you learn to distract themselves from unexpected interlocutor.You feel that soon explode?Concentrate on your breathing or start to look at intently decorating boss, while most of its barbs you just listen to.A very good method - visualization of emotions.Imagine, for example, that your anger - it's fiery streams flowing through your body, but do not hurt the heart.You can represent yourself in a low, calm lake, in the serene waters of which the source begins to throw stones.From each pebble hear the pleasant sound of the burst, visible small circles, they separate, and again comes peace.

Be smarter

There are people among us who are called energy vampires.They are specifically trying to get you off balance, as if to eat your negative emotions, emptying you.They will provoke you to quarrel, scandal, to put pressure on the sickest place to humiliate your dear people.Do not pay attention!Do not let the fact that this person he wants to achieve.Why do you need this to feed the vampire's own blood?Respond politely as possible and with a cheerful tone.Imagine that you are feeding the vampire pickles with honey.He will realize that you will not play it.

About Men feelings

very difficult at times to hide their love.Girls are usually more shy, they blush, turn pale, confusing, may even trip over to see a loved one.A favorite guy hides his feelings more proficiently.Why is this happening?How do they do it and why?

Often, they even start a relationship, men are beginning to behave like unfeeling creatures.My favorite day by day waiting for him kind words, gentle embrace, lovers sighs ... and already beginning to doubt its reciprocity.But this does not mean that he no longer loves.

So why man hides feelings?

  1. It must be so.He simply maintains the status of a courageous and confident, because in our society decided to be sentimental for women only.In fact, the stronger sex is no less emotional than the weak.
  2. fear seem weak.Man thinks that if a woman shows how much in love with her, she decides that he is weak.Or will quickly lose all interest in it.So they want to seem more indifferent.
  3. manipulation.As a man believes that he show the full depth of his feelings, and immediately becomes a henpecked, a woman is free to manipulate him, limiting his freedom.
  4. dependence.It manifests itself in sexual terms.Men are more dependent on the intimacy than women, but trying to hide it, so we do not have guessed what kind of power we have over them.

Now you know how a man hides his feelings.This makes not only the stronger sex, because every day we are faced with the need to remain silent where I want to say a few "gentle" words to hide his distaste for performing complex work, not to show their attitude to an unpleasant person and just pretend that we have allOK.Each of us understands that if all the people showing their emotions, the world would have long since seized the chaos would be heard everywhere showdown, screams and scandals.That is why it is so important to be able to control the situation.