How to make ginger ?

How to make ginger ?

know what gingerol?This substance is contained in ginger root, and is responsible for the process of losing weight.Its effect is to accelerate the process of digestion and improve metabolism of the body, which naturally leads to the elimination of superfluous kgs.More says the article - What is useful ginger.

There are many recipes with ginger, and some of them have proven to be very effective.

ginger powder

order to achieve quick results in weight loss are advised to take ginger powder.To enhance the effect should be added to it of nutmeg powder.A mixture of two powders for use in a small amount in the morning (pinch).How to use: the powder can not drink water, for 15-20 minutes before eating it is put in the mouth and hold until completely dissolved.

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Ginger decoction

Prepare ginger broth is very simple.To this end, fresh ginger root is ground into a fine grater and 1 ch. L.gruel boiled water.The drink has a distinctive taste, so do not be p

rohibited add honey and lemon.These ingredients are in no way impair the effect of ginger on the contrary, sweet and sour taste, which becomes a decoction helps to reduce the feeling of hunger.Therefore, it is recommended to drink this drink it before meals.

ginger salad

will take

  • ginger, celery, orange peel - 50 g;
  • beet - 100 g;
  • Lemon - 100 g;
  • carrots -150 g

ginger, orange peel and celery grate, mix with roasted beets, fresh carrots, season with vegetable oil.Do not add salt and spices to season.

tea with ginger

Here are the most popular recipes

1st recipe

will take

  • Shredded ginger (fresh) - 20 g;
  • Fresh mint leaves - 60 g;
  • Orange juice - 50 g;
  • lemon juice - 70 g

mint and ginger pour boiling water and infuse for half an hour.Strain through cheesecloth or a sieve and add the juice of lemon and orange.Drink chilled.

2nd recipe

will take

  • piece of ginger root;
  • cinnamon powder - 2 g;
  • nutmeg powder - 2 g;
  • Honey - 1 tsp..

water to boil and cool.In one glass of water to dissolve the powder mixture and honey, put the ginger.Leave to infuse overnight.In the morning, two hours before breakfast, drink small sips of the entire volume.admission Course - 2 weeks.If necessary, can be repeated after a short break.

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