How to manage yourself?

How to manage yourself?

Life is full of challenges and temptations, and very often we go on about their desires or sluggish sailing on the waves of circumstances, having neither the strength nor the desire to resist them.Result and that in either case is negative emotions.We regret that we spent the money, having bought a lot of unnecessary things did not dare to propose a candidate for the vacant position with a higher salary, did not keep their emotions and thoroughly spoiled relations with his second half-child or teenager.

order not to fall into such a situation, it is necessary to know how to govern themselves.Inability or unwillingness to learn it often leads to the fact that a person becomes a puppet in the hands of others, sometimes without even realizing it.Often emotionally enrolling under the influence of impulse, then we can regret of the consequences, sometimes even a lifetime.

Keep your emotions under control

Situations when our emotions can bring trouble of all sizes, a lot.Excitement on the exam or int

erview for employment may prevent getting the coveted rating or position, which he dreamed.Inability to cope with irritation - the cause of many home, and sometimes office conflicts.In order to from any stress emerge victorious, you must not only know how to control your emotions, but do not forget at the right time to apply it in practice.

Those who are worried for any reason, psychologists advise to learn relaxation techniques that can be used even in a public place, such as an exam, or before an important speech at the meeting.

One of these techniques is breathing exercises.Perform exercises can be standing or sitting, but always with a straightened spine straightened and chest.First recommended rhythmic breathing through the nose, which in turn should cover one nostril with your finger.Then the breath goes according to the scheme: breath through the right nostril - holding your breath - exhale through the left nostril and vice versa.By the way, holding the breath is described in many sources, as a way to combat the irritation.


In order to successfully cope with negative emotions, it is useful to try to understand what causes them.Often we get annoyed because of the fear of the unknown or fear of not cope with charged matter, be not up to par.In this case, you need to mentally calculate the options in a relaxed atmosphere, as if to live the situation in different ways several times.After experiencing sensations, albeit unrealistic, it is necessary to evaluate their importance for themselves.Often it turns out that the game worth (ie, experience) is not worth the candle - the expected impact, which in fact are not catastrophic.

To cope with the irritation that is caused by improper, in our view, the behavior of other people, it is necessary to think about why they are behaving in this way.It is not always what is hurting us, it is malice.In order to see this sometimes quite quiet conversation heart to heart.

On occasion desires

Those individuals who know how to learn to control themselves, tend to produce a positive impression on others.People who are used to doing it, "that the left leg wants" not credible familiar and very complicate their lives.To cope with such inappropriate behavior to help psychologists specialists, but also own effort can bring results.The main thing people must realize that from his spontaneous actions affected relatives.

For example, if a woman knows that her every trip to the store breaches in the family budget, and purchased under the influence of rush things then gathering dust without the case, you can enter a reasonable saving mode.To do this before the next raid on a supermarket you need to make a list of required for the acquisition of goods and strictly adhere to it.This is followed to calculate the approximate cost of purchasing and put it in the purse amount, not much higher than the value obtained.Credit card is better to forget at home.

But fight your desires is not always the case.Sometimes they stimulate creative thinking, forcing us to find an option to make extra money to help purchase a vending ring without prejudice to the family.

Yourself psychologist

much can teach psychology: how to manage them, how to get rid of foreign influence, how to increase stress resistance.If you can not turn to a psychologist or psycho to pass the course in person, you can ask for advice online, now many psychological support centers have their own websites.Another option - an independent review of the literature on the subject.

greatest value for every man - his calm state of mind.Lost peace can not live a normal life, to realize their dreams and bring joy to yourself and those around him.External restraint, need only to hide negative emotions do not benefit, since stress is exhausted and accumulates inside, waiting for hours when you can explode.To the house there was an order, it must be maintained.To live in harmony with his "I" and the world, need to maintain their composure.