How to burn fat ?

How to burn fat ?

For many people weight loss is very relevant question.Excess weight in our society becomes a problem because of the sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition and bad habits.However, knowing how to burn fat without harming your health, you can quickly get back into shape.We offer several ways.

Proper nutrition

common mistake of those who are trying to burn body fat, fasting is a wearing down of the body.Proper diet does not involve torture of hunger.Moreover, that body, feeling the lack of food coming in, trying to save resources, actively putting every calorie in reserve in the form of fat.Colossal kick from starvation gets the whole digestive system, which is fraught with serious health problems.

good diet - a compilation of the most useful diet, which will accelerate the metabolism - the body's metabolism.It has to be individually selected professional nutritionist.What works for one person, another may be contraindicated.

General advice for those who want to lose weight: to give up carbohydrates

in favor of protein.Carbohydrates entering the body, are converted into fat and a large amount of energy is required for processing of proteins.For example, it is best to eat protein-rich egg than a bagel with the same calories.

There are also products, burning fat in the body.The best known among them pineapple, celery, tangerine.Here you can learn more about fat burning foods.

particularly important role is played here by the fruit rich in fiber and vitamins.In this article, you can find a list of fruits for weight loss.These include, in particular, kiwi and apricot.

Eating should be small portions, but often and regularly, and not eating one's fill once a day.

It is very important to get rid of the extra kilos and sufficient drinking water.It should drink about 2 liters of pure water per day, in addition to juice and tea.Incidentally, green tea speeds up metabolism.Alcohol, on the contrary, slows down the metabolism.

Vitamins and nutritional supplements for fat burning

In order to burn fat fast, the body needs vitamins C and D. They promote metabolism.It is established that the daily intake of vitamin C - 400-500 mg, and D - 800 mg.

very useful for the organism dietary supplements "of fiber flax seed" and "fiber from the seeds of milk thistle", normalizes the digestive system.

widespread nutritional supplements such as bitters Paraguayan holly, extracts the stem of cherries, prunes, apricots, infusion of dried apricots, extract from fruit skins of apples and pears.But do not forget that before taking any nutritional supplement for weight loss should consult a doctor.


Thinking about how to burn body fat and keep the result, do not forget about physical activity.Sports are a great way to lose weight, improve the shape and become healthier and more resilient.The most effective sports to burn fat is jogging, swimming and cycling.Good results give the sit-ups, push-ups, muscle workout press.

Also, any workout, aerobics, team games promote weight loss, especially if they are regular.It is important to remember that the body begins to use fat as an energy source is only half an hour loads.

Physical activity should be manifested not only in the gym, but also to become a part of life.Even in the office, do not be lazy once again to get up, make a couple of steps to walk up the stairs.

daily routine

For the person who wants to get back in shape, it is important to get enough sleep.The organism is experiencing a sleep debt, trying to compensate for the energy resources in the form of extra fat.The daily norm of sleep - 8 hours.

In addition, regular meals in small portions also require routine.More high-calorie foods should be consumed in the morning, and dinner is better "give the enemy".

reasonably necessary to alternate physical activity and recreation.Then exercises will be more effective.

How to burn body fat: unusual techniques

Unusual weight loss methods should be treated with caution.Consult with your doctor before you try these options.

Acupuncture, an ancient Eastern technique for healing, is now also used for weight loss.Specialist shallow inserts a needle into a certain point on the body in order to affect the body.In particular, slimming needle is inserted into a point behind the ear, and can remain there for quite some time.

Another way to get rid of fat - wrap.Special means - chocolate, honey or fruit mixture - applied to the body, which was then at the time of cling film wrapped.Such a method is considered more and useful for the skin.

Aromatherapy is also helpful for weight loss, particularly in combination with a physical workout.At the same time, according to research, the smells of berries, mint and vanilla give better results than the smell of herbs.

helpful in dealing with kilograms and blue clay.It should be taken as a dietary supplement, according to the instructions, and purchase only in pharmacies.

Do not forget that burning fat should be comprehensive.Diet may be powerless, if not back it sports.A physical activity, in turn, must be carried out correctly, preferably under the supervision of a trainer.But the main condition for good results - tenacity, perseverance, willpower and belief in yourself.