How to create an online store for free ?

How to create an online store for free ?

process of creating your own online store is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.Conventionally, such a procedure can be divided into several key components.Let us consider how to create an online store for free.

What trade?

The first step is to determine the goods that are sold on the internet site.You also need to find suppliers that provide the required products in the right quantities.The first time, you can turn its attention to foreign sites, for example, by AliExpress.

is believed that the high demand on the network used clothes, shoes, bags, and various decoration items and gifts.But in the first place - the sale of books.It should be noted that there is great competition.

Do I need to purchase goods?Not necessary.If you build a sales chart for prepayment, the goods can be ordered only after receipt of advance payment for it.


site better draw LLC, t. To. With organizations such manufacturers are more willing to cooperate.

After that, you must choose easy to remember

domain name, and proceed directly to the creation of an online store.The easiest way to use the services provided by the ready-made templates that allow to create a website online store for free.They have virtually any website builder, for example, Jooma, UMI, WordPress and others.

Create site is completely free.In this case, your page will advertise this hosting.Therefore, experts recommend to buy paid hosting.The first time you can do a free service, and when things go up the hill to buy the site.

customize the look of the site, you can continue to add products.For each item, a special card that contains the product description, image, price and other information.

Particular attention should be given to setting up payment options for goods.Most buyers prefer to pay for goods in cash on delivery.However, you can get paid and bank transfer.To do this, you need to connect and receive e-currency cards.For information on how to integrate the payment system on your site, you can learn from our article how to open an online store.

Setting different shipping methods

platform to create online stores offer a large number of delivery options, including the services of courier services and postal organizations.In case of sale of digital media content may arrange the delivery by e-mail.

to perform various settings online shop to use high-quality Internet connection, and to gain access to the network is absolutely free, you can use the tips listed here - How to make the Internet free of charge.

Advancement and promotion

can not spend on advertising.Simply sign up on several forums, pointing to personal information link to the site.Customers interested interested in messaging, always pay attention to the user's personal data.

more complex, but also a more efficient way - promotion through social networks.In this case, a group or a community and linked to the site through plugins.Next, the group invited people desired category.For example, if you sell cosmetics, the target audience will be women from 16 to 40 years.

financial costs when creating an online store does not require or will be minimal.