How useful herbs ?

How useful herbs ?

If being outdoors, you carefully look around around, you'll notice that next to you is growing a large number of different herbs, whether it is field, forest or garden - nature generously us.Of course, most herbs need to have time to collect them in summer and stock up for future use.

Medicinal plants

  • One of the most useful plants is Tansy, for sure many have heard about it and seen it grow tansy mostly near rivers or lakes.Inflorescences small, round, yellow.Tansy is well taken for the normalization of the bowel in the form of decoction.Pain in the stomach, such as indigestion, you can also cure decoction of tansy, just brew it stronger.
  • Oregano following for usefulness, it is about flowers from July to August.Oregano can be added in food, to give them a more pronounced flavor.In general, this herb can be your loyal assistant during colds and flu.During angina can rinse decoction of oregano throat.
  • mother and stepmother at least useful plant.But she should have time to collect early summer.I
    t has a broad spectrum of activity, for example, a mother-and-stepmother decided to use for coughs, cramps, colds, wounds, as well as for the prevention of atherosclerosis.
  • used in folk medicine, burdock root - they have a diuretic effect.By the way, collect the roots of this plant can be up to the first frost.It is important to stock up roots - it wash them, cut into several pieces and dry for two weeks.Only then will mug for truly useful.
  • should not forget about the daisy, it is known for its calming effect on the body, and chamomile teas are beneficial effect on intestinal function.
  • If you suffer from insomnia or can not fall asleep for a long time, try the bedtime drink sage tea - Take four spoons plants, pour boiling water (about a half cup) and insist on for four hours, then strain and drink.
  • leaves of black currant and wild rose can be used to strengthen the body as a whole.
  • At a headache, try to brew mint or rose-well-known.

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