How to train a puppy ?

How to train a puppy ?

puppy appeared in your house?Then you need to get acquainted with how to train a puppy in the very first months of his life.The most important point, which should take account of the owners of the puppies - training should be regular.Only then can a puppy get used to the teams, learn to be neat, walk on a leash and be collared.

Training in 1-3 months

During this time, you need to teach your puppy to ensure that it does not spoil in the house, he knew his place, spoke to the host team, "Walking" and "Come".It is important that from the very first day you started working with a puppy on its culture of behavior.Some owners of the question is: at what age to train a puppy?Sometimes this question arises when the puppy is performed for six months, which means that the time to study some of the teams lost.You have to like the puppy and the owner just a few months to explore all that with proper training studied for 8 months.

To teach a puppy to your place, it is necessary after it shall devour, and li

e down to rest in some place at home, take your pet on your hands, take it to a place in the house, which is provided for its rest and sleep.It should be noted that in place you need to put the puppy pad.Bringing a puppy to his place of rest, say the command "Place" and pat it.If the puppy tries to get up and leave his mat, hold his hand and re-issue the command again, stroking your pet at all times.Do not forget that puppies will love only those owners who do not scream and do not beat them, and regret, turning gently with them.After the puppy to listen to you, and will no longer get out of place, it is necessary to encourage action - say with an exclamation of "Good", stroke, and give him a piece of your favorite treats.

In no case do not encourage your puppy to it during your meal at the table and was begging.Once the puppy is trying to such actions, immediately follow the sequence of actions, which has been described above - send the puppy in its place.Regularly repeat this technique as long as the dog does not understand that he was at the table has nothing to do, however, as when in your home come visit.

It is important that your house, despite the fact that it is home to a puppy or an adult dog, was attractive, both for you and for your guests.Therefore, from the very first days of the appearance of the puppy in the house, accustom him to cleaning and washing.However, all your actions should not cause pain puppy - it is necessary to bear in mind all the time, because the puppy for cleaning should be pleasant procedure.If she will not be alone, you will not be able to comply with the order in the house, and your dog will be well-groomed, with wool exude unpleasant odors.

How to train a puppy Shepherd?

any particular problems in training puppies Shepherd does not arise, because by its very nature, is a smart dog and the executive, which will be devoted to his master, who, in turn, should examine the characteristics of this breed.As Shepherd was originally intended for grazing, she loves to chase not only for animals but also for people.So make sure before you train a puppy Shepherd, let him know that you are his master, and the process of training will lead you, not him.It is necessary to fully control your pet, otherwise the dog will refuse to execute commands.

It is important that in training sheepdogs were engaged only in you, but not all members of your family.In addition, you are responsible for feeding and walking the dog, you have to engage with it and play.Feature Shepherd, and the rest of the rocks that the puppy will be installed as much as possible a relationship of trust with you only if you give it the maximum time.Trust your dog should be, because otherwise, he would not listen to you.If you train a service dog, it must not communicate with anyone other than you, but in all other cases, and forbid not to communicate with other family members.

Daily Shepherd should run a lot - such exercise she needed.You can go swimming with Shepherd, unless, of course, you have the chance.If the shepherd will not exercise regularly, her health has deteriorated sharply.In order to train a puppy Shepherd command "Sit" or "Down", it is necessary first to sit down, lay not an adult dog and puppy.During this procedure, be sure to say the appropriate command.Accustom the puppy to the command "Next" will be much easier if during the walk, you will keep your dog on a leash and repeat the command, gently pulling up to his leash.

Learning dog team, "Ugh!"

If you are in search of truth, how to train a puppy, you have to teach the dog not only the command "Sit", "Down" and "place", but the team and "Fu".It is one of the basic commands when training any dog ​​breed.Unfortunately, many dogs, going for a walk, taking in the mouth all that lying around on the street - such actions may lead to the fact that the dog is poisoned or pick up any disease.You must teach your puppy "Fu" the team also because it will help you take away from your pet shoes or other household object, which it will begin to chew.

puppy to understand you, you need exactly, but at the same time strictly, pronounce the command "Fu", because you need to ensure that the puppy, abandoning all their affairs, immediately turned their attention to you.Your shout or threat does not work at the dog, on the contrary, it only become embittered, and stop listening to you.Say the command at the time, when the dog is doing what it is not supposed to do.It is not necessary in advance or after the offense to say "foo", because it is not recommended to do professionals who demonstrate how to train a puppy to the video.Despite the fact that you love your dog, keep her fault.Such as spoiled shoes, torn curtains and other interior details.Only constant practice can help you teach your puppy not to spoil things in the house.