What immunizations do kittens ?

What immunizations do kittens ?

purchasing small, furry pet, we guess that we will have to take care of him, feed him properly and monitor its health.But most of us do not even think about what vaccinations are kittens, and whether they generally do.Any vet will tell you that the vaccination of animals is required, even if kitty does not go into the street.After all, without noticing it, you can bring into the house of the infection on the sole of his shoe or clothes.Therefore, vaccination of cats is needed, especially with respect to the kittens.It's no secret that kids are more prone to various diseases, their immune system is still weak.

When the kitten to be vaccinated?

usually first vaccinated kittens are doing in 9-12 weeks from birth.But if a long period of time was a pussy cat with her mother (if it is grafted), then vaccination can be carried out in three months.This is due to the fact that it receives from its initial immunity after vaccination which comes into opposition with the vaccine, which makes it ineffective.A

fter 4 weeks, the second immunization is the same drug.And the third vaccination is done in a year.Further, vaccination is carried out every year.Scheme kittens vaccinations is chosen individually in each case.Selection of vaccines and doses should be entrusted to the doctor.

But before you wonder how many kittens vaccinations, will find it useful, and whether any rules exist for the preparation of a pet vaccination.They exist and are fairly simple, but they must be observed:

  1. Vaccinations are made only healthy animals.
  2. should give the kitten anthelmintic drugs, because the presence of these parasites in the body of a pet can lead to ineffective vaccination ten days before inoculation.
  3. recommends vaccination of animals carried out at home.This is due to the fact that after inoculation of the animal body is weakened, and in veterinary clinics usually bring sick animals, and your pet can pick up unnecessary sore.

Vaccinations for cats

Which vaccinations should be done kittens?

cats are most susceptible to the following diseases:

  • panleukopenia - reduction of white blood cells in the animal's blood.The disease is often fatal.
  • kaltsiviroza - defeat of respiratory tract viral infection.
  • rhinotracheitis - eye disease and upper respiratory tract.
  • Rabies - the defeat of the nervous system.

For vaccination most often use complex products, such as "Nobivac triketene" (Netherlands), "Multifel" (Russia), "Fellovaks" (USA), "Kvadriket" and "Nobivaks Rabiez" rabies.It is not recommended to use a vaccine of domestic production "Robikan".It can offer free of charge, but there have been cases of death after vaccination, so it's better to be safe.

carefully monitor their animals after vaccination.Of course, everything depends on the drug and the condition of the animal.Some kittens are perfectly transfer any drugs, their behavior does not change, and some may become lethargic and refuse to eat most of the time sleeping.

do if the kitten vaccinated or not, everyone chooses.But if we really want to take care and protect your pet, this issue is unlikely to arise, the answer is crystal clear.