What color suits blondes ?

What color suits blondes ?

Blondes - girls are gentle and sexy.They are many colors, but there are shades of make-up and clothes, which further emphasize their attractiveness.This article will tell pretty girls, what color suits blondes, and what not.

for blondes

Clothing If you are blond with blue, green or gray eyes, and the clothes you should choose soft and gentle tones.Under green eyes go green things under blue - violet-blue and a blue.

If you want something bright and calling, feel free to buy a new dress in red, but not very bright.Especially the combination of gray will look good with the red, your face will look radiant by blush on the cheeks, which will appear on the red glare.One more combination - black and white, will give you the spice, just do not overdo it with the white, black must be greater.

to not look tired and pribolevshey, do not wear bright red, greenish-yellow and pink colors of the clothes, they will give your face a kind of pale statues.But there is one trick - combining these colors (let thi

s be a topic or sweater) with a white suit, you will look fresh and cheerful.Pure white is not worth wearing.Bright orange, red and gray is better to wear in small quantities, for example, on a belt, shoes or purse.

Choosing clothes depending on the eye color

If you are gray-eyed blonde, you are very turquoise color saturation and any pink-gray.Green-eyed will be good not only in shades of green, but in the dark-blue, green, purple and brown-orange.Clothes wear dark colors in winter because in summer you'll look at it grimly.

blue-eyed or gray-eyed blonde with pronounced facial features and blush are free to wear bright colors.clothing color for blondes such appearance is selected more easily, in particular they are green, which is great harmony with the blush, highlighting the beauty and tenderness of the person.Wear gray suits with bright colorful accessories in the office and a dark blue dress for dinner in the restaurant.But in any case, do not wear a pale yellow, purple and pink clothes.If it's black, then combine it with white.Red with white wear freely.

dark-skinned girl with blond hair and blue suit green shades.Also, it is good in the clothes of colors: yellow with violet, crystal violet, blue with orange and cherry.Choosing gray tones, combine them with bright colors to your dark skin did not seem gray.Blondes with the skin and brown eyes just fine in chocolate shades with bright accessories, as well as red-brown, gray-yellow and dim purple.

Makeup for blondes

Makeup blonde girls should be gentle, as they themselves, and not to disturb their natural beauty.Use brown or gray eyeliner instead of black.Forget about the black eyeliner, such a contrast you to anything.Ashy blonde fits brown pencil and Light Brown and bright white - gray and brown.

Shadows are selected on the basis of eye color.Light Light Brown Blondie will not do too bright colors (purple, hot pink), because their image would be openly defiant.It is better to use pastel colors bright colors.It looks great soft pink or mauve.Golden hair involve the use of dark purple or mauve.Ash - a golden-brown and cream.

blonde with brown eyes

Here is your traditional palette for eyes: shades of gold, bronze, peach and beige.Powder - yellowish-pink or bronze.Lipstick - yellowish-pink or pink: the tan - coral and orange.

blonde with blue eyes

Consider hair color and eye color.You perfect pink-corporeal and light pink powder.Lipstick should be used coral pink.Eyeshadow best silver, light blue or blue.

blonde with green eyes

colors, suitable for blondes with eye color should be warm colors.For example: peach, brown, gold, dark chocolate, dark green.Shadows - dark green with a golden sheen, honey, metallic luster, plum.Eyeliner better brown, white or golden.Lipstick light pink or coral.

Hopefully, these tips will help you create your bright or gentle, but very memorable way, because now you know how to choose the color of clothing for blondes, as well as the use of suitable colors in makeup!