How do you perceive ?

How do you perceive ?

Many very important that people think about them by others.We want to make a good impression on people, please them.It is not always easy to determine how people perceive you, because you can not read their minds.In person you can smile, praise, be nice, and behind to condemn and criticize.As much as we wanted to get into the heads of our colleagues, relatives, friends, and find out what they really think of us.How to get to the truth?


There are many factors that influence how the image is formed in the eyes of others.Usually, an important role is played by the first impression.Everything Counts: How you behave, what were dressed.As they say, meet on clothes.Image - this is what people appreciate in the first place.If you want to be successful in business and in your personal life, be sure to watch your appearance, do not get dressed in horrible, take care of themselves.It is a truism, which many people forget or do not attach any importance to this.If you say that the main thing - the

internal content, then slukavil.Nobody wants to, for example, to meet the girl or boy who wears a month unwashed clothes and holey socks.Subconsciously we always appreciate a person's appearance, and then everything else.

Remember that your appearance shows how you respect and love yourself.People feel it and make a conclusion about whether or not to respect you and love.Even if a person does not have outstanding appearance, it can be appealing - all a matter of grooming.Clean, tidy clothes, neat hair and nails;healthy complexion, clean shoes - all this is not hard to do for yourself in the first place, and the surrounding will appreciate it.Therefore, leave the expression: "Appearance is not important - the main thing that was a good man!"It should be good and attractive.Take a look at ourselves - whether you like the way you look, would you like that around you there were more people with a similar outlook?

Look from

To understand how others perceive you, you need to get into the skin of another person, look at themselves and their behavior on the part.For example, you think you are kind and sympathetic, sociable, but is it?

  • Remember, if people want to spend a lot of time in your community or politely avoided?
  • Do you like to spend time among the people?
  • Do you find emotional support to others?

If you answered yes, then you are perceived as a sympathetic person who is ready to support in difficult times.Similarly, you can analyze other criteria by which you evaluate people.

Nonverbal signals

On a subconscious level, people catch the non-verbal signals that you send when communicating.Pay attention to how you communicate with people: you use closed or open posture?Crossed arms and legs indicate stiffness, stiffness, alienation, unwillingness to communicate.In the open position the person is relaxed, calm and ready to communicate.The body and the head is usually turned to his companion, palm opened, the sight is directed to the partner.

There is also a posture of superiority: carried over the top chin zakidyvanie hands behind his head, body position on a hill with respect to the interlocutor (you put yourself above the partner).Watch what you use non-verbal cues.You can consciously rebuild and use the dates of your posture - it will change markedly impression made by you people.For more information about gestures and poses of human you can read in psychological writings.Having mastered this information, you can learn to influence the way you perceive.

Create your image

If you are very concerned about what people think about you around, it is likely to talk about your insecurities.Most of the people are busy themselves, their problems, confirmation of self-worth.They have no time to think about you.Remember that most people will perceive you the way you perceive yourself.Cast in the world around the desired image - confident, independent, attractive.Very soon, people will see you that way.