The cat sheds : what to do ?

The cat sheds : what to do ?

layer of wool on their sofas - not the most pleasant sight.But, unfortunately, this has to face all the owners of cats.When a cat sheds much to do in this case?How to help an animal and how to keep order in the house?Knowing some things that related to molt, can help you cope with the situation.

When a cat sheds that do

If the animal you have lived more than a year, you can keep track of their own when the season starts moulting and prepare for it.When the cat sheds, then it should be every day combing, or wool knock into mats that are very difficult to untangle and will have to cut them with scissors.Long-haired cats should be brushed metal with special combs, and for short-haired cats during moulting use a brush and gloves grummingovye loop.

When a cat sheds very intensively and continuously, it is a significant cause for concern.The reasons for this may be lack of minerals and vitamins, stress or illness.Also, the reason may be a lack of fatty acids Omega-6 and Omega-3.So it should be admini

stered in the diet of a cat food, which contain these acids.Well, on minerals and vitamins also did not forget.

If the cat sheds very strongly that even when you're petting her, in the hand are pieces of wool and wool climbs uneven - it is necessary to contact your veterinarian.He first analyzes will then diagnose and, of course, prescribe treatment.Pathological molt once held once cured the underlying disease.You do not need to self-medicate and delay the visit to the vet: ill-timed visit can turn into big problems.

improve wool cat after molting, you will be a special air conditioning.Their goal - to moisturize the skin, repair damaged hair and remove static electricity.

So, if your cat sheds, primarily to create optimal conditions for her life, reconsider its diet and regularly comb.If it was only a seasonal moult, over time it will be held.And with intense, prolonged moult should not delay the case and immediately contact your veterinarian - is the only way you save and smooth coat of your favorite pet, and his health.