What are finger gestures ?

What are finger gestures ?

In most cases, a person completes his speech with gestures.Often we do involuntarily movement, that is, without thinking about their meaning.In addition, with the help of gestures, you can find interesting information from a foreign citizen, for example, while traveling.In this article we will look at what is meant by the popular gestures fingers.

gestures values ​​


gesture in the form of the letter V shows the index and middle fingers.The sign means "peace" and "victory."However, in a number of countries (UK, Ireland, Australia) gesture is offensive, if the palm facing toward the man.


gesture of outstretched hands.Usually it refers to a request to stop.

In Greece, this gesture is considered offensive.


gesture in the form of a ring which is formed by connecting the thumb and index finger means "all right."

In the capital of Italy mark is "worthless."In Japan, the gesture means "money".

Thumb up and down

Thumbs up means the consent and approval.sign is used often du

ring hitchhiking to catch the car.

In Thailand, this gesture is a sign of condemnation.And in Iran raised thumb gesture is considered offensive.

If the thumb is directed downwards, this sign has a value of disapproval.

index finger

The index finger is used for a particular gesture, depending on the situation.For example, if you put a finger to his lips, the sign will be "silence."

If the finger is raised up, it means "attention" or "stop".

If the interviewee shakes his index finger from side to side, he does not agree with what was said then.Slightly tilted rocker finger used for sermon (for example, when abused children).

If finger twist at the temple, would be to admit the interlocutor "crazy."

middle finger

protruding middle finger gesture is offensive in many countries.The sign can be replaced by a less crude figs.

the Fig

or otherwise fig - a gesture in the form of a fist where the thumb stick between your index and middle.It is used in cases of disagreement with the interlocutor.Also has a value of "failure".

Another sign is often used as a "defense" against the evil eye.

In South America, the gesture is considered friendly and used to the wishes of good luck.

Crossing fingers

In many countries, crossing the index and middle finger is used to attract good luck.

In Vietnam, the sign is offensive value.


popular symbol among rock musicians, who looks like a raised index finger and little finger.

In Russia this gesture entertain young children by associating with the sign "horned goat".

However, in some European countries, including America, the sign means "cuckold."

In Colombia, this sign is shown in the case, if they want to wish good luck.


gesture View - raised thumb and little finger.Often the gesture represents a "handset" and shows if a person asks him to call.

In Hawaii, a gesture is a sign of greeting.A sign among drug users is "smoke".


gesture looks like a connected the tips of the fingers.It is used by confident people.Typically, a sign used by people who are more inclined to talk than gestures.

often speaking a steeple of his fingers up and the listener, on the contrary, down.

closeness thumb and forefinger

This gesture is used when you want to focus on something attention.The sign is often complements it.Tells the story at this point wants the listener to understand the essence of his words.

Rubbing thumb tip other

In this case, the gesture means "money".

Sometimes the mark is used when you try to recall some event or word.With a positive result, the sign is replaced by a click.

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