How to decorate the dress?

How to decorate the dress?

obligatory attribute of every festive evening include a beautiful original dress, which should underline all the charm of the girls figure.Let's talk in detail about how to decorate a dress for a party, Christmas holidays or other events.First of all, you need to pick up and think it is a set of accessories that will perfectly fit your dress.Choosing need it so that your dress could emphasize your sophistication and grace.Note that it is not always one accessory for a particular dress, can be successful for another.Consider some of the details and nuances of the decoration evening dress.

Decoration black dress

That black dress always looks very stylish girl, conservative and extremely elegant.This dress can afford to dress the girl with different types of shapes.However, how to make it a particularly festive, elegant, interesting and shining, for example, on New Year's Eve?To do this you can help some accessories, namely bows, belts, bracelets type decorations of beads or pearls, handbags and ot

her jewelry.

Before you decorate a black dress, you should always take into account its style.Thus, the classic little dress does not need a very elegant decoration and bulky, however, more often, a string of glittering pearls or a simple flower of drapery, may make it more elegant at the time of the holiday.Also on the black dress will look very appropriate gold and silver, when the style of black dresses will include open shoulders or back.This solution also has a stunning effect at the decoration of dresses for an evening ball or party.

Other options jewelry dress with their own hands

Perfect for decorating dresses rhinestones or beads.However, before you decorate the dress with rhinestones, it is necessary to come up with a beautiful figure or silhouette.Also, with this decoration element can be made for special edging or cut sleeves.

  • Another option how to decorate the dress, it is a decoration with additional pockets and beautiful applique using beautiful fabrics, for example, of guipure.Select drawings and fabric for the fashion jewelry you can in the studio, where you can buy such patterns, which are fastened by means of iron.
  • Decorating dress can also use flowers made of fabric or other material.Today you can find in magazines are many ways to decorate the dress.Photos of different variants of dress jewelery using the flower, can be found in women's magazines or on the Internet.
  • There is another way, how to decorate the dress with their own hands.First of all, it can be a contrasting color or of the same lace dress.Note that it can look great on the original dress lace collar.Here it is necessary to take into account also the dress, because in the case when the dress is made of a thin material, lace, and also must be the same.Crocheted lace can only be for a knitted dress.


Of course, that is important and selection of jewelry, which can make the emphasis on certain of its elements.However, you need to consider some of the rules of her choice.For example, if the dress is made of a thin material, the jewelry can be any, but a knitted dress, which is most suitable for the holidays, you should choose wooden beads.We hope that from the options we have, how to decorate the dress with their own hands, you can be sure to find one that will appeal to you.