How to decorate a sweater ?

How to decorate a sweater ?

We all sometimes want to wear something new and look different.And not always for this you need to update a wardrobe.You can simply decorate, and even the old shabby thing to bring fresh breath to your appearance.For example, a sweater.Sometimes he is a little stretched, or simply tired of their dull color.How to decorate a sweater, make it new, do not spend the money?

fur or leather

qualitatively transform an old pullover, you can use pieces of fur or leather.

Fur.It will need a little bit.You can do a little fur collar.It should carve out a little piece of fur that well will look in the neck sweater.Then sew it so that the thread is not visible.

Fur can be decorated sleeve sweaters, it can only be the top third.It turns out very attractive and stylish.It is important to only select the fur so that he came to the shade sweater.

leather or leatherette.If cutout sweater rather than a high throat of the skin can make a neat little collar that shape will repeat the cutout.Such altered things go

very elegant and chic acquire.

beads, sequins and lace

If sweater solid color, or has a defect in the form of spots or elongated loops, it can be decorated with sequins and beads.This type of jewelry is suitable for those who know how to make patterns or designs using small circles.Also, you need a little work, because the activity is not quick, and requires perseverance.With small strazikov can be created on a sweater collar, tie or a flower.

How to decorate a knitted sweater?If there is a bit of skill, there is the ability to sew, you can create from humble sweater glamorous miracle.To do this you will need a lace, lace or other translucent fabric.You can make the insertion of one tone with a sweater, and we can choose a contrasting color.Now you need a pair of scissors to cut out the main items the hole, preferably symmetrical.Look beautiful they are on top of the arms, under the breasts (then it will strip).After processing the cut edges, it is necessary to attach the lace motifs and sew the thread to match.Thus, pullover decorated with some designers.

How to decorate an old sweater, if it is frayed sleeves and neck stretched?You can sew on the sleeves of leather or felt applications (in the form of heart or just a circle), and cut the gate, and place the top product with a beautiful cut neckline.To do this, each loop stitch and sew along the edge of the rim or decorative ribbon.

podsmotrena our ideas can be converted into any thing new.Create an image of stylish beauty.After all, no one will know how much new thing.