How to decorate shoes ?

How to decorate shoes ?

agree that all of us is inherent individuality.Everyone wants to be different from each other not only in thinking abilities, but also externally, to make the overall picture of human society some "flavor".Gray, invisibility now easily change.Let's talk, for example, how to decorate the shoes, not to meet on the street are the same as you.

accessories to decorate shoes

very often to buy new shoes we are drawn not only a model, but also accessories, which it is decorated.But if the shoes themselves are good, but still comfortable on the leg, but have no designer finishes, do not worry.Now we will share some tips on how to decorate shoes with different accessories.

No special skills are required.Choose from a number of rhinestones, beads, decorative buttons, buckles, brooches what you need, and set on the glue.For shoes transformed, and will look unusual.

decorate themselves

little imagination and skill can be useful to decorate the shoes.If you are not strong in this area, follow the advice o

f experts and friends.Here are a few ideas on how to decorate the shoes with your hands.

  • Take satin ribbon, fold it in half along the length, baste the thread and pull.If you are satisfied with the fullness of the flower, cut the ribbon, wrap edge in the middle and secure.In the center sew beads.Flower size depends on the width of the tape.You can make a few flowers of different shapes and diameters.
  • Take a small chain, sew around the edges of buttons in the style of shoe, "ethnic", "tree", "metal".Attach the shoes with superglue.
  • Large volume, but the air flower, can be made of organza.Using a candle, you can cut the petals, "squeeze" over the flame.Gently hold the cloth to the fire to keep it turned black and began to smoke.The shape of the flower to pick and choose.
  • Kant shoes treat with tape or a "Rulik" twisted cloth.
  • Top Heel decorate with sequins or rhinestones, planted on the glue.Fix them on top of the vitreous or acrylic lacquer.


shoes Old shoes - are favorite!So what, that little nose schesalsya heel or erased.Everything can be changed by hand.The fact that the competence of the cobbler, leave him.Update the heel, put the "prevention", and the rest - for yourself.Learn how to decorate the old shoes.

Shabby nose can be repainted.Cover the masking tape places that do not want to change, including the sole.Sponge, apply shoe paint the desired color and allow to dry.Remove the adhesive tape from the top and secure with lacquer.The junction decorate with rhinestones or finished strip of decorative roses.Here you have a new "favorite" shoes.