How to decorate a shirt ?

How to decorate a shirt ?

modern fashion - it is exclusive, unusual things.Especially prized products made by their own hands.It is no coincidence social networks and the Internet are full of master classes by hand-made.Ahead of the summer, and every girl wants to update your wardrobe, so it will be interesting to learn how to decorate a T-shirt with your own hands.


shine One of the easiest options - decorate your favorite t-shirt sparkling pattern.You can do this in several ways: a fragment embroider sequins, beads or crystals used in the adhesive base.You can combine both methods.This option looks great in the evening and night lighting.

  • To begin select the picture that will decorate a T-shirt.Popular floral motifs, butterflies, hearts, skulls, cobwebs and other elements of the plain.Drawing can be outlined with chalk or pencil.
  • Getting creativity - drawing embroidered sequins, beads or glass beads.But the easiest way to use glue rhinestones on the basis of: Put the tweezers with rhinestones pattern, cover with
    a cotton cloth and gently presses the hot iron.It presses, rather than drive, or drawing budge, and to correct the mistake will be difficult.
  • can sew small drawing threads of "metallic" or let the color pattern on the neck and the edges of the sleeves.But the way how to decorate a T-shirt with embroidery, time-consuming and requires some training.

Drawing on fabric

Simple one-color or white T-shirt can be converted into a truly work of authorship.Paints for fabric can use even a novice.The main thing here - to determine the pattern.

How to apply picture:

  • To work needed paint on fabric (textile best), a small square glass or dense smooth film, a sponge and solid color T-shirt.
  • on glass or film is applied in a pattern.Outlines the first loop, and then paint over the middle with a sponge.Think carefully how to decorate a white T-shirt, try not to choose the image with subtle elements and clearly defined forms.Looks great abstraction, colorful "smoke" or clouds fantastic flowers.
  • Exactly decompose shirt, take a glass or film and the side with the printed pattern to the fabric presses.A few more times holding hands on the surface.Remove the foil or glass, waiting for a few hours, and the unique pattern is ready!

It's easy

  • One simple but effective ways to decorate a t-shirt will be application.Applications are woven or adhesive.With fabric easier - sew neatly typed or hand-sew the appliqué to the shirt.This method is the fact that even when washing in a washing machine application is not deformed.
  • Glue pictures superimposed on a T-shirt and iron hot iron through a cotton cloth.But wash shirts is only possible manually and very carefully.In addition, the application is gradually cracked and showered small crumbs.

little sexuality

in how to decorate a T-shirt to make it out of the ordinary has become a mysteriously-sexual or open beach, will help us ordinary scissors.For creativity need shirt, sharp scissors, a long ruler and chalk for marking.

  • Take the shirt, spread it on the table back up and cut off the neck.Remove the neck in order to effectively subsided shirt with one arm.Grind the edge of the piping.
  • Retreat from the top 15 cm. And 8-10 cm. To the right and left sides, mark up to the bottom horizontal stripes shirts 1.5 cm. In width.Number of strips - at your discretion.
  • scissors to carefully cut the planned strip, slightly pulling and twisting their arms.T-shirt with an open back is ready!

strips can be made vertical, the same or different size, it all depends on your imagination.On the chest t-shirt can be decorated with a simple pattern textile paints or applique.