How to decorate the skirt ?

How to decorate the skirt ?

method of decorating the skirt to a greater extent will depend on what kind of skirt is cut and the style in which it was performed.For example, the more complex the model will skirt, that is, the more folds, the less you will need to decorate elements of its decoration.Exactly, but on the contrary can be said for a simple skirt, where it will be possible to use different types of finishing the skirt.Everything will depend on your imagination and style.We present to your attention a few finishing making skirts that will help you suggest how to decorate the skirt in a certain style.In any case, for finishing skirts you may need: Satin ribbon width from 4 to 6 cm, the threads in the tone of the tape itself, a needle, a decorative cord, soutache, beads that fit to your skirt, stones, tulle or organza.

Decorating skirt-tulip

If your skirt looks like a tulip, and it was made of plain material or colorful cloth, then decorate this skirt is the best bow.How to decorate the skirt so?To do this, take a s

atin ribbon that color will be slightly different, and tie up her waist.Especially effective this method of decoration on the skirt looks such as a pencil, is made specifically with a high waist.More sophisticated finish will require a different version of how you can decorate the skirt:

  • Take a soft satin ribbon and run along the sides tape basting stitch.
  • From the edge will need to withdraw about one millimeter.
  • Pull the thread so that the tape is gathered on both sides.
  • Then sew the resulting ryushu on both sides in the longitudinal middle seam of the belt behind the skirt before the slots or cut.
  • Tie a neat bow of ribbon and sew it on top of ruffles sewn where the cut will start.

advise to choose the tape only in the tone of the material skirt, so that the gloss of satin only be set off it.

decorate skirt-year

These skirts are usually made of very high quality and a monochromatic fabric.The main emphasis of this style and attractiveness lies mainly in the flowing folds.However, even a summer skirt-year, sewn from flax, you can decorate using decorative cords or Soutache.We advise to choose the finishing material is also a tone skirt.Put a decorative lace in the form of monograms and various flourishes (patterns can be found on the Internet and put something similar) in the bottom of the skirt of the bottleneck.You can sew a few small areas of decorative stones with holes (those you can find in any store fittings).

Decorating A-shaped skirt

If you have in the closet for a long time is the skirt, the colors of which seem somewhat dull to you, you can easily follow the following tips.Before you decorate a black skirt A-shaped first suggested to sew the bottom hem of tulle or organza.

Plans for the hem of the skirt suit and sun-polusolntsa.It is not so important, as long as the waist circumference at the hem completely coincide with the width of the belt on the skirt that you want to decorate.Note that the length petticoats should be 4-5 cm larger than the length of your skirt.After sewing the hem, carefully sew it on the inner side of the skirt.Underskirt will give your skirt extra volume, and the product will look more coquettishly through interesting tulle.To emphasize playfulness skirt you can attach it to the back or the front bow of the same material.

finishing denim skirt

Many in the locker room is available denim skirt.It happens that appear on it unwanted nipped or inhaling, is such that it would be desirable to simply decorate, but how to decorate denim skirt?Jeans is considered a material in which the patch may look quite acceptable.Today, in many hardware stores sell a variety of Latok for all tastes, which can be attached by means of iron.