How to glue rhinestones ?

How to glue rhinestones ?

Recently crystals are becoming increasingly popular as an element of decoration of clothes, nails, hair, various accessories and jewelry.And it is well deserved, because the crystals have a number of advantages: they look very impressive, with them every thing looks nice, but it cost them quite small, and the choice is very large.This article will talk about how to glue rhinestones to different surfaces.

Fasten rhinestones on the fabric

If you are interested in how to glue rhinestones on the fabric to give it the glitz and glamor, you first need to decide which kind of crystals you are going to work.The fact that the crystals are non-thermal and thermal.First, how to work with the first of them.You will need a pair of tweezers or a stick with a sharp tip and glue-point "Crystal".Getting Started.Apply the fabric at the point where you want to paste rhinestones, a drop of glue approximately equal to the base crystal.Put a drop of rhinestone and press.Do not immediately verify the tightness, let th

e glue dry.Try to hit the glue only on the basis of the crystal and is not soiled shiny surfaces, or it may become cloudy.

In stores you can find a large assortment of ready-made patterns of crystals in the film, which is fully transferred to the fabric.They are thermal.If you are dealing with such an element of decorating, you need to gently get rid of the protective film, then attach the appliqué to the selected tissue in place and turn the thing inside out.Iron the seat applique iron without steam through the dense tissue.Allow to cool cloth and wear clothes decorated on health.

Rhinestones on nails

Rhinestones are a great item to decorate nails and create a beautiful festive evening or design.How to glue rhinestones on your nails?There are several ways.The simplest of them - to glue rhinestones on a drop of clear lacquer.The drop should be slightly dry, viscous.Grab crystal tweezers and put him into a drop.Wait until the paint is completely dry.But this way, I must say, is not entirely reliable.For a long time such crystals would not last a day or two - at most.

Another thing, if glued rhinestones special glue for nails.You can find it in any department, specializes in selling of nails and manicure, a glue is cheap.Apply a small amount of nail glue, approximately equal to the area of ​​the base of the crystals and move into this place the crystal.It dries a glue instantly, so you need to work quickly.If adhesive gets on the surface of the crystal, it becomes dull white and lose luster, respectively, and the flicker effect will be spoiled.

In professional manicure room attach rhinestones to nails on a special gel which is subjected to polymerization in the UV lamp.But this method of fixing is only applied to the nails of extension or strengthening their own gel nails.Attached in this way crystals are kept for several weeks.