How to sew sequins ?

How to sew sequins ?

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How to sew sequins?

For garment decoration in the form of ornaments using sequins need to buy a set of this kind of decoration or pearl matte shade.Also, you will need embroidery special embroidery needle and thread for sewing in sequins tone or contrasting colors.

To sequins adorning the product, lay neatly, it is important to sew them.

Sew sequins in the form of "flakes»

How to sew sequins, if you want to arrange them in a row?For example, if you choose to embroider the letters iridescent "scales", it is best to use a popular stitch "back needle".The process of sewing sequins in the form of "flakes" is derived thus:

  1. Schedule embroider on the surface of the ornament or pattern conceived by a washable marker or endangered (for dark fabric you can use chalk or remnant).So you will be more comfortable in the process not to lose "the way."
  2. Insert the needle and thread to the wrong side on the front side.
  3. Thread the needle in the first sequins face up.
  4. Make stitch back on the distance radius sequins.
  5. Bring the needle to the front of one line from the previous step stitch length to the diameter of the previous sequins.
  6. thread the needle again after the new sequins.Thus, the new sequins applied on top of the previous one.
  7. Continue to embroider in the same order from right to left until you reach the desired pattern.

How to sew sequins continuous suture

Now try to understand how to sew sequins on a par smooth continuous suture.To do this, follow our instructions:

  1. Insert the needle into the base embroider cloth (dresses, blouses) from the wrong side on the front side.
  2. Now thread the needle in sequins.
  3. Go back to a distance of sequins radius using the "back needle" stitch, bringing the needle on the underside of the right of first sequins.
  4. then print the needle on the front side on the left of the first sequins.
  5. Now enter the needle into the center of the first sequins on the wrong side, and output to the front through the step length with a diameter of sequins, paillettes simultaneously strung next.
  6. Move using stitch "back needle" and "forward needle" from step 3 to step 5 until you have finished embroidering.

quick way to sew sequins

There is another way of sewing sequins, which is considered the most simple and fast.To do this you will need beads and beading needle (it is more delicate and less eye).Here's how:

  1. Insert the needle with a thread on the wrong side on the front side, strung sequins on the needle first.
  2. then put the needle with a thread bead.
  3. now print needle thread on the wrong side.That's how quickly managed to sew sequins first.
  4. Then use the stitch "forward needle" Come on the wrong side, and bring the needle to the front of the second sewing sequins.Repeat steps 1-3.