How to draw a car?

How to draw a car?

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How to draw a car?

With initial drawing skills can be drawn on a sheet of paper anything.Today we'll show you how to draw a car.Machines are very different: both passenger and freight, and pick-ups ... you just have to choose what kind of model you want to draw.And what tools will be used for this purpose: a pencil, watercolor, gouache, crayons, etc.

How to teach a child to draw a car

Machine - this is one of the favorite toys of boys, so he was happy to draw that which he loves most.The easiest way to teach a child is drawing with crayons as they are bright, which is important for children, and they do not smear like paint - for the inexperienced kid is a definite plus.

  1. So start drawing machine.To do this, have your child take a toy and put it in front of him on the table.Ask the child what kind of car: it is called, what color it is, what body shape, etc.Let the child will provide all the features of this transport.
  2. If the child is already famili
    ar with the primary colors and geometric shapes, he can perform this task on their own.If the baby is still in the process of knowledge, then help him to choose the right color and have smooth lines.Drawing machine put to the body.Make a child with his sketch, and then navigate to the drawing wheel.If the child is very small, albeit he draws a machine schematically: body - a rectangle, the wheel - it's circles.
  3. When the sketch is done, let the child will begin to pick out the details of the machine.Do not forget to draw the door handles, headlights, and those decorative elements, which have the car taken for a sketch.

How to draw a car watercolor

you need to take:

  • watercolor,
  • glass of clean water,
  • paper for drawing,
  • simple pencil and eraser,
  • image machine that you want to draw.

So, decide what part of the sheet will be located car and start drawing.

  1. The first thing you need to start to draw a car in watercolor - do this schematic outline in pencil.In the pencil does not need too much pressure to make it easier to wipe auxiliary lines.We begin to sketch the top and front of the machine - the body draws the hood and bumper, car doors and windows.And then proceed to the sketch and drawing the wheels.
  2. When the sketch is done, start to paint the background and surrounding parts around the car.This may be, for example, the cityscape or the track stretches to the horizon.Always start working paints on top, ie,First paint the sky and then the earth.
  3. After posohnet background, proceed to the coloring of the machine itself.Auxiliary lines can wipe eraser, so they do not show through watercolor.First, paint the car the main color, and then draws the fine details of a different color or shade.By the way, do not gloss over the full glass car, leave some highlights to make it look more realistic.

Similarly, you can draw the machine gouache and other colors.

How to draw a car pastel

pastel drawings turn out very tender and beautiful.But keep in mind that you will not be pastel crayons draw the parts of the machine, you will only draw a large machine, which can be nice shade in the background, such as a sunset or the sea.

So, you need to take:

  • pastel,
  • drawing paper pastel.

Start drawing:

  1. first contours of the car's apply a pastel color that is slightly different from the color of the paper.Draw a straight line - the level of the ground on which the machine will be.On the line we draw two circles - wheel machines.Then proceed to the drawing of the body - it should be streamlined.Then the windshield.
  2. Take a crayon and draw a different color lights, door and side mirror.
  3. Then have a crayon the color you want the flat to give the background for the machine.It can be monochrome or color background.
  4. Then paint over the car, pastel shaded cloth or finger to obtain more exactly.Those parts that you want to leave a clear, shade is not necessary, it is best to highlight them darker fine.
  5. Figure can be secured a special aerosol or put under glass.

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