How to become a mermaid for a second?

How to become a mermaid for a second?

Almost any young lady looking cartoon on the fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen's "The Little Mermaid."The main heroine of the redhead Ariel managed to catch the fancy of many girls to such an extent that they do not mind themselves become mermaids.

How to become a mermaid in a second (faster ways)

quickly become a mermaid is quite possible, however, do not expect a miracle, that one second you grow a chic ponytail.Unfortunately, during this time, you can only ask for strength from the water goddess.But do not worry, because if you are endowed with a magical gift, the further transformation will be much easier.

  1. Open the window at midnight and whisper three times: "Mermaid Maritime, put me through the power of his mighty Mermaid, share the power of a beautiful mermaid I want to be like you..."Then close your eyes and imagine the image of a mermaid.When he opened his eyes, you will feel a small shudder, then force you.
  2. The second method is required to prepare a wooden comb, a comb and a bowl
    of salt water (to dilute this three tablespoons of sea salt without additives in a glass of warm water).You will also need hairpin "Shell" and a pearl necklace.So, put a comb in salt water and stand in front of the mirror with her hair.Close your eyes and call Mermaid "Mermaid, I want to become a sister of thy come and put me with strength."Then open your eyes and good hair comb.Kill the hair clip and put on the necklace the neck.Evocation you feel immediately, but need to take place in such a manner all day (do not remove decorations) to strengthen the effect.
  3. most effective way - to ask the forces of the pool during a full moon.However, an important rule is that the Council is effective only for women over eighteen years.(But if you're younger, do not worry. The method is valid if there is any adult person during the ritual).First of all, write on a white sheet of paper with blue or blue marker - "I'm a mermaid," and hide a note in a secluded place.Then go to the pond, palm scoop water and looking at the moon, say: "The desire to put forth, I pray to fulfill."Then go home.If the note is missing or there were some marks, then you heard a mermaid.

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