How do I connect the Canon ?

How do I connect the Canon ?

If you purchased Canon's camera, you need to know not only how to use it, and how to connect your Canon to the computer for image storage and the implementation of further editing.It is worth noting that there are several ways by which you can connect the camera to a PC.

Connecting the camera

Canon Connect the camera to your computer in several ways, each of which has its advantages.


The easiest way - to connect your computer via USB-cable.All that is needed - is to connect the camera cable to USB-port of the computer.PC tries to recognize the new device and open it.In this case, the computer can open the camera, as a conventional flash memory.If you could not connect Canon thus, it is necessary to use special software.

USB-cable + software

Included with the camera, in addition to the USB-cable, the drive to go with the installation software.If not, you should try to look for it on the network by writing the name of the camera.

dealt with the software, you must install it:

  1. Disconnect the camera from the PC.If you connect the camera, the software is installed correctly.
  2. Insert the boot disk.Choose a simple installation and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
  3. At the end be sure to restart your computer.
  4. Now you can connect the camera and activate it.You should boot canon editor, where you can not only copy the pictures and edit them.

memory card

If you did not manage to connect the camera to a computer, you can use a very simple way: to remove the card from the camera and connect it through the computer's card reader (if available).So you can copy the necessary files to the PC.

computer does not see the camera - the reasons

If your camera is not connected to the computer, there are several reasons why release:

  1. The most common problem - the camera off.Connect your camera, you must be sure to include it.
  2. also cause may be defective USB-ports.In this case, you need to try to connect to another port.
  3. Improper installation software.It's worth a try to reinstall the software.To do this, go to "My Computer" - "Device Manager" (located on the left side) - «USB controllers" and check if new drivers were added.If the driver is required near the yellow question mark, then the drivers are installed properly.
  4. camera can still not connect because of a system failure.Restart the computer and try to connect the camera again.
  5. camera fault may be the cause.Here you can help only at the service center.

If you are interested in additional aspects of the work with this camera, or other material on the art of photography, read the section Photo.