How do I link drawing?

How do I link drawing?

Technique taken hinge is a convenient method for knitting multicolored drawings, eliminating the need to knit in the same row, using several balls of yarn.In this simple way it is achieved an impressive effect.Let us consider in detail how to link drawing using techniques taken loops.

only one ball at a number

Some multi-colored drawings with removed loops reminiscent of jacquard or Norwegian patterns - and some of them may be related to the technique of "Jacquard" with the same effect.But many knitters are very difficult to work together with a large number of coils, and many are thinking how to tie spokes figure without much difficulty and throwing thread.In this case, the technique is very helpful with the covers loops.

Each row fit only one working thread, so that the work is always only one ball.Figure obtained due to the fact that a certain number of previous loop knit is not removed.If the previous number of connected contrasting color, loop shot manifest in this color - the color instea

d of the current working thread.If you knit the two colors, the color usually changes after every second row, so that each new thread is finished at the beginning of the facial series.

squares and speckles

According to this principle tally beautiful drawings with squares and speckled.Those knitters who like to experiment, can enjoy the possibility of equipment removed loops and tie spokes pattern depending on your imagination.To try out different effect simply enter instead of two three colors.

Thread before or at work

decisive is whether operating thread when removing the hinge before or at work.Generally when removed it is located on the wrong side - that is to face the work ranks, and in backstitches before operation.Interesting effects can also be obtained, if the intermediate thread visible on the front side of the work.At removal, if the manual to figure this otherwise indicated, borehole loop picks up both at the underside of knitting - that is, from right to left.Meet some types of drawings, which if desired can be varied and combined.

Figure spotted

For a technique taken loops is very well suited simple drawing spotted.Colors are changed regularly, every two rows, while the ranks of primary color tally front embroidery and contrast a number of rows of alternate shot and twisted loop.When removing the thread is constantly on the wrong side of the work.

In our example, we consider the yellow and blue colors, which will alternate.In this figure, the yellow flecks appear on the basis of the blue especially plastic, since they appear as twisted facial loop between a flat front surface of the loops.Then there are 2 rows of the front satin stitch the main blue.3rd row once again face that this time fit in yellow.By alternating one loop knit front and one loop to remove a wrong.4th row a back fit again yellow.On the wrong side of the work is now clearly visible yellow intermediate filaments.In two series shot yellow loops 2 have to face a number of coats of blue.


There are two possibilities to link the squares with the covers loops.By varying the pattern with stripes, squares can be made of two or more colors.You can also make a drawing of the lines over the base color.Vertical lines are obtained through the removed loop that tightened on numerous series, bound by the primary color.The thread when removing always on the wrong side of the work.