How beautifully photographed ?

How beautifully photographed ?

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How beautifully photographed?

Today, high-quality photographic equipment became available, and each began to imagine myself a photographer.However, a good camera - not a sufficient condition to obtain a good picture, it is also important to take into account the light, composition, correctly choose the place and, of course, supporting posture.This article will talk about how to take pictures beautifully, taking into account all of the above conditions.


right light - the key to a successful photo.Proper lighting will emphasize the dignity of the person and figure model - unlike extra shadows that can easily not only to "shorten" the neck or spoil the figure, but even change the facial features for the worse.

If you are an aspiring photographer, your salvation - natural daylight, in this light make a bad picture is extremely difficult.In addition, in a studio, you can use the room with lots of windows and no curtains, then you too will be able to create

plenty of natural light.

If you work in the studio with no windows, here, as a rule, light is created using special lighting.They must be placed correctly.In general, it is a science.A good photographer will make a few test shots with different lighting combinations before you start a full shot.


If the photographer will be able to build a true composition of its frame would be impossible to look away.There are a number of rules, guided by which, you can create a literate composition.However, you need to apply them, not all at once, and choose the appropriate depending on the shooting conditions.The most well-known techniques for creating a winning songs - usually the third, the golden ratio, diagonals, etc.

However, these techniques are not so easy to put into practice, so budding photographers are advised to at first try to keep the number of more simple recommendations:

  • the camera must be kept at the level of the subject.No need to take pictures of a bottom-up or top-down, if you certainly do not want to achieve a certain effect;
  • make sure that the principal object is merged with the background;
  • when shooting moving objects, leave space on the frame in the course of its movement;
  • monitor light source - it should always be behind you (again - if you do not want the reverse to achieve a particular effect);
  • if you shoot multiple identical items, select a frame in an odd number - three flowers will look better than two or four;
  • if you're shooting a building, try and capture the facade and the side - so to get a broader picture.

Poses and view

When a person knows his good view, the work of the photographer becomes much easier.Otherwise, it is necessary to search.To facilitate this task, it is recommended vo-pervyh never shoot full frontal, and vo-vtoryh, always remind model "go" for light, that is, ensure that the person has not been in the shadows, because the extra shade can createproblems that have been mentioned earlier in this article.Angle "full frontal" can afford only a very photogenic person, whom, as you know, not so much.Always a good angle for a girl - a person polubokom, it is always looks very nice, especially on the girl face charming smile.

With regard to positions, then there is, of course, it is desirable to ask the model to prepare.Today, the network can find a lot of portals on which you can see the most successful for a photo pose.Selecting posture, it is important to consider the place and shooting the story, the character of the model.So, if the photo shoot came modest girl, do not force her to do various sexy poses.Yes, perhaps, in them it looks impressive, but she will still experience inner discomfort, and it will certainly be reflected in the photograph.


Remember that sincere smile - the most important condition for a good shot.Agree, when the girls are in love, they always look better.Why?Because genuine joy and happiness to paint better than any makeup!Smile irrelevant only in those cases where it is not intended to capture the story.

Hopefully, these tips will not only photos but also models.

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