How to make a tank from a paper ?

How to make a tank from a paper ?

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How to make a tank of paper?

Origami remains for many the world of puzzles."How can I make such a paper?"- People exclaim.In fact, it is just starting, and there you'll have for you this type of needlework or not.After all, here you need patience and perseverance, accuracy and creativity.In order not to discourage, and not to spoil his opinion about the art of origami, start training with simple figures.Training and practice over time will allow more complex compositions.So, let's see how to make a tank from a paper.Yes, very simple, but the original paper version of the tank.

Paper Tank: inventory

In order to make the tank from a paper, you will need the following tools:

  1. a large sheet of paper 25 centimeters by 5;
  2. list small - 3 cm by 5;
  3. pencils, markers, paint (if the paper is not colored).

Make a tank from a paper: User

  1. Take a large sheet of paper and place it in front of a vertically.One of the corners of the upper bend to the opposite side of the recta
    ngle, the narrow side edge (the one that is equal to 5 cm) exactly fits to the edge of the side to 25cm;then straighten.Do the same with the other corners.
  2. Before you box, where each end there are folds in the form of the letter "X".You need the sides of the "letters" bend inwards, whereby you formed at the end corner of the rectangle.Do the same with the second side, but on the back side of our "stripes" of the rectangle.That is, the two sides of the rectangle, but on opposite sides (planes), the corners must be identical.
  3. before us the figure, which is a kind of "boom" from two directions.So, we are working with one of the "arrow".Fold the side corners of her to the top corner.We should get a diamond of the folded corners.
  4. the other "boom" work a little differently.Here, too, the side corners Bends, but not outside, but inside, ensuring a clear mapping of this area with the main angle "boom".Those.we have also formed diamond.
  5. Now connect the opposite ends of the boom by inserting the corners of the first diamond (which is done first) in the "pockets" of the second.We need to get lid of the tank, where the surface - this is our "second" diamond.
  6. Tank actually ready.It remains to make a barrel.We take our small piece of paper and turn into a tube.We put it in the "pocket", "Boom."Caterpillars do podgibaniem by our tank edges.

We told how to make a tank from a paper.For clarity, you can find illustrations of this manual or video.