How to create a character in " The Sims " (The Sims)?

Как создать персонажа в "Симс" (The Sims)?

"The Sims" is a unique game.It has no analogues in the gameplay.Still not got a game that would enable the same naturalistic play for your character, to improve his life and position in society, climbing the career ladder or equip life.But before you get attached to the character, making the virtual herself or the exact opposite, it must be created.In this article you will learn how to create a character and add it to the game of "The Sims."

In "The Sims 3", there are many parameters that you can make your Sim's different from the others.Let's look at them in more detail.

General settings

Include name, weight, body type, age 6 options, as you can choose the body.It is possible to select the type of character: fairy, zombie, vampire, man, jinn, witch or a werewolf.


This hairstyle and type of eyebrows, and the vegetation on the body.Interestingly, under every outfit, you can choose your hairstyle.

sculpted face and makeup

You can make absolutely no similarity to other Sims your charact

er, pick up his size and eye color, as well as the size of the nose, ears, chin, cheeks, forehead height, bulk lips.To top it all, you can add a sim tattoo, freckles, moles or makeup.Selection of make-up is quite extensive - the arrow of different kinds, different eye makeup with the help of shadows, a few options of lipstick and rouge.Can you make a drawing on the face.It is well suited for children or fairies.


her in the game will be enough for all occasions and for all ages.If you have installed the add-on "Seasons", the clothes enough for any weather.Clothing is divided into categories: casual, festive, night Baljet, sportswear, swimwear.In contrast to the predecessor game "The Sims 2", in "The Sims 3" is not necessary to buy clothes - it's all to be in the closet or dresser you buy, if a stranger character to the house.


It is in this section, you create your character's personality.For example, you can make it brave or a coward, or a friendly loner bookworm, a workaholic or even Sonya and sluggard.Also, you can choose your favorite meal, music, color, who will love your sim, this is what will help you inspire a character in "The Sims" directly in the game.You choose the tone of his voice and purpose in life, which he will follow.

How to name your character?Just think of a name that has always liked you, or look at Sim and think about what name to its features it is suitable.Add a character in the game is also not difficult - click on the check mark at the bottom of the screen and start playing.

Enjoy the game!

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