How to make money in Stalker ?

How to make money in Stalker ?

Nowadays a lot of young people, choosing between going out and socializing with your computer, prefer computer games.According to statistics, the spring of 2012 all users of Yandex on gaming sites came 8% of people.Let's look at an interesting for gamers of all topic in this article and decide the important question, or rather: how to make endless money.Stalker-players, this information is very useful.

Creating more cash limit

  • Start the game, and ArtMoney program, and then roll up.
  • Select process with the game, get the value of the amount of money that is in the game at the moment.
  • Expand game and spend a small amount of currency, then we turn off again.
  • Return to ArtMoney, click on the button titled "Weed".We weeded out the unnecessary values, and introduce a new money.
  • Then you are left with a few pieces of values, you must add them to the window on the right and change in it those values ‚Äč‚Äčthat is, those that you need.In other words, you put as much money as he sees fit.You in the game,
    you will be required sum.
  • But note that introduce too big numbers is not necessary, there is a risk that the system will hang.
  • money to appear, you need to restart the game.

So, the question that interests all playing Stalker, how to make a lot of money, we explained.

As carry longer

Now, let's try to deal with another major problem.Many players resent the fact that the weight limit burden is sixty kilograms.But it also can be solved very easily.Particularly savvy players have found a very original way out of this situation.They, seeing and knowing that a lot of good rolls, but can not be carried off, due to the small limit, found the corpse and put it all you need to carry.In this case, it is important that the weight is not limited.With the help of a corpse can not only tolerate things, but also to close by bullets during the attacks.

Now you know how to make money Stalker.The game is great, but do not forget about the real world, and in it all the more interesting and exciting.