How to get "Stalker" ?

How to get "Stalker" ?

In another article about video games, you will learn how to pass Stalker: Call of Pripyat.This exciting game will take you more than one hour of free time, and thanks to our survey, you will be able to pass any mission in Stalker - from the first to the last.Forward!

place fall Skat 5

One of the first and therefore the easiest mission, an example of which can be understood as the place of the mission in Stalker.In this quest you need to investigate the crash site of a military helicopter "Skat 5".We reach the helicopter and search it.For those who are not too versed in the game, for example, that "Ramp 5" is located inside the anomaly called "Swamp", which pass very easily.Performing a search helicopter, you'll find the burnt electronics.One of the follow-up missions will give you an answer as to why this happened, and now move on to the next task.A little advice: search boxes near the helicopter - there are some useful things.

place fall Skate 2

So, you have just completed the first mission

and made the first step to ensure that the pass Stalker: Call of Pripyat.The second victim is a helicopter near the anomaly "Ironwood".By helicopter approached not in a hurry - you must first deal with the poltergeist flying.If he will throw different objects - do not hesitate to hide behind cover.Once finished with the poltergeist, search the helicopter.Do not despise the military a search of corpses - the bodies and pockets you can find something.Also do not forget to pick up ammunition.The helicopter you have to find a card that will be send to the interested person.This person would be another stalker - Pilot.Copying the card to your device, he will share with you a very valuable thing - now on the transition between the locations you will receive a discount.

place fall Skate 3

In order to investigate the crash of the helicopter, it is necessary to talk with another stalker by the name of Noah.Once he agrees to hold you there with your dog, go for it.To jump into the teleporter, good acceleration, not to jump again.Go on a plateau near the teleporting "Circus" anomaly.Then destroy the den Snork and proceed to the inspection of the helicopter.After seeing the "Skate 3", you will learn that he has been denied the engines and on-board computer card to see the point of evacuation.They are something, and must now be checked.

evacuation point B2

After inspecting places helicopters drop pass to check the evacuation points.To go to the Stalker mission examined the first two points of the evacuation need, basically, a little knowledge of maps and weapons.With a mission of inspection point B2 at all simple.We must return to the cargo ship Skadovsk, where you met with the pilot, and talk to Beard.He will say that the war was not at this point.

evacuation point B205

To perform this task, it is desirable to take a shotgun, because you meet a lot of zombies.The location of Jupiter Landmarks Volhoa go to the SAM, go into the building and on the table in one of the rooms get Lieutenant Sokolov note, which will be important for the further passage of the game code: 1421. After that, go down to the basement and enter the code in front of a closed door.Below you will find a fight with Byurrerom.Defeating him (for this you need to dodge them run and hide objects), go up the stairs to the room and collect weapons, among which will be a pistol with ammunition.Now we have to search the last point of evacuation, but to do this it will be possible only once in Pripyat.And before that will visit the crash site of the two remaining helicopters.

place fall Ramp 1

all in the same area around Jupiter is a helipad and make our way to the helicopter along the fence, because around - minefields.Now we need to examine the black box and take it to the station Yanov, where a man named Nitrogen for 3000 will decode the audio.After deciphering the film turns out that the need to examine the point B28 evacuation, but before that you need to complete the last inspection of the crashed helicopter - "Ramp 4".

place fall Ramp 4

Fallen helicopter is in the factory building - in the hall with the destroyed roof.Nothing of value you will not find there, but without examining the crash site of the helicopter, you can not get to the point B28 evacuation, so it must be done.

Road to Pripyat

Well: it can be said that a third of the way how to get Stalker: Call of Pripyat, we have completed.Now we have to find a way to Pripyat and complete our important mission there.After receiving the quest by going to the Pilot Plant for Jupiter documents.A folder with the order on the third floor of the office building.Then we go into the laboratory building of the corridor junction, we find there exercise book and following the instructions in writing on a sheet, go to the shipping department, where we find a sheet with product deliveries, specified in writing on notebook sheet.We go to a repair shop, where we meet the two dogs Chernobyl.On the table in a repair shop we find the document, which leads us to the first division.There is evidence that there is an underground path in Pripyat, where we need to get so.Once you have collected all the documents, go back to Yanov station already familiar to Ashdod, who will provide you with information about the underground road.

evacuation point B28

To complete this quest, you need to assemble a team of at least 3 people (more is better).Therefore, the more missions you have been up to this, the better.Also, for the passage of this quest can not do without a suit with a closed system of breathing - radiation, you know.The easiest way to buy it at the station Yanov, a character by the name of Hawaiian.Now, assemble a team.To do this, you need to perform a few quests for scientists to equip their fighters as it should.And then, finally, all the assembly, and we go into the ground.

They will attack from all sides Snork, and then the Monolith, zombies and jerboa, so it is advisable to use both slots for weapons, and, of course, the grenade launcher.Meals include door, climbing the stairs to the transformer.However, the door will not open, so go to the control room and push the lever.Next you need to go through the open door of the hall to the stairs that lead to the ventilation hatch in Pripyat.Note that during this quest you will attack a lot of enemies, so you need not only to remain whole, but also to save their comrades.

unknown weapon

If you are still alive - you done.It remains to learn about the latest mission, how to get Stalker.In the new job, which will give you the Colonel Kowalski, you will need to eliminate fanatical Monolith and pick them gauss gun.After that, you need to drag this gun on a cargo ship Skadovsk Cardan repair, which, however, will need additional documentation.He will give you a key card, which will need to use the already known "Ironwood".In the hall you will find the test documents and a sample of the product 62. After receiving the yellow keycard, back to Cardan, and then back to Kowalski.Then Colonel asks you to find the missing scouts, destroying cluster of fanatical Monolith and found the missing watch.After that, you mission is to destroy the mercenaries will be available for the performance that you get the red key card.To carry out this mission better day.

Laboratory x8

Well: so far as to pass Stalker: Call of Pripyat, there are very little.This is a fairly complex mission, the beginning of which is necessary to go to the BWC Jubilee.Stock up on plenty of weapons and drugs.In the building to get to the generator, located on the 6th floor, and then run it down to the lab.At the door with the inscription prohibiting activate the red key card in the classroom take the blue book.At the end of the dining room, take one more documents and the lab to get the third shelf paper.On the remote control in a room with large tanks collect the fourth document.Next you need to go down to the right of the elevator shaft, then up and jump into the room where the elevator doors opened.Killing enemies (better bring a gauss gun, without survive will be almost impossible), pick up the two remaining document (of 6).

last quests

The next two quests issued to Lieutenant Colonel Kowalski, will need to first find and then destroy the source of interference, and then find out the cause of a helicopter crash.This mission is not particularly complicated: you just need to run the signal and find out what he was going out of the ground.The last mission ( "Evacuation") provides the main bosses.In this mission you will have to through the crowds of enemies to lead his squad to the very point B28.So we learned how to beat the game STALKER - Call of Pripyat.At the end you will have a choice: to evacuate or stay in the game in free mode.