How to install mod on Stalker (Stalker)?

How to install mod on Stalker (Stalker)?

first game in the series "Shadows of Chernobyl" created a furor both in Russian and in the world of game communities.During the development process, developers have promised a lot of any "features" and opportunities, but overestimated their skills and representative "THQ has" removed from the game publisher "unnecessary" elements.

roll out her lip players feel deprived and began to work on his own, "thereby stalker."Therefore, to date, there are hundreds of different versions (hereinafter - events) to all three games of the universe.Below are instructions on how to install a mod to Stalker.


So, you will have an interesting fashion, eager to quickly install it and see what he brings to the newcomer traveled the length and breadth game.At first look, based on a version of the game, this mod has been created because the differences in the versions already become an obstacle to start the game.Next, determine what it is: a few files, some of whom are with permission.exe?So, this mod is i

nstalled using the installer.Before you have a folder «gamedata» or archive?You will need to manually install the mod in the game folder.

Before installation check for fashion «gamedata» folder in the root directory of the game.In its absence, create it.If it is, then copy it to another location, and remove all data from the remaining folders.


Before you install the mod on Stalker, in the form of an installation wrapper, check whether the correct installation of the specified path.Self installer does not always correctly indicates the game folder on your computer.Therefore, when the field appears with the address of the folder of the game, make sure it is one that is needed.For example, if the "Stalker" is set to the following address: «D: \ My Games \ S. T. A. L. K. E. R. Call of Pripyat», the same address must be in the installation path.

When everything is ready, start the file with the extension.exe, check the installation path to match the directions above.After a successful installation, close the installer.Fashion Files are in the same «gamedata» folder.Now we go to the point, how to set modes on the Stalker, with a folder «gamedata».

Archive folder or «gamedata»

This method of installation mode on the basis of action is the same as the first, but we will do everything by hand.If fashion is an archive, then unzip it and copy "the gamedata" in the root folder with a "stalker."If you are asked whether, confirm the file replacement.

When installing another fashion, first remove the already home folder «gamedata», and then follow the directions above.After that we start the game as usual and enjoy the innovations craftsmen!