Stalker .How to join the Monolith ?

Stalker .How to join the Monolith ?

Many have already played the famous game Stalker.How to join the Monolith in this game, will tell our article.

Unfortunately, a simple entry into the Monolith group is not provided in the game, but you can set the type of mod Ā«Sigerous Mod COPĀ» and you can do it.

talk about surviving the monolith.Not far from the bridge you will meet a group of people Monolith to be neutral and it is amazing.One of them will call you.Come and talk to him.So you know what happened and why they are here.They will also ask you for help, and you will agree.After the assignment Svobodovtsy become your friends.Now you need to talk to their leader for the Monolith.The game Call of Pripyat STALKER Monolith - a very strong and influential group.

Profit from

information now about the reception unit Monolith in Freedom.In the game you will meet dolgovtsev - General Tkachenko, who is the CCP.He will tell you the story of the creation of group debt.To help Monolith squad, it is necessary to give the information to the comm

ander of Liberty, which will give you the money and a good weapon.Now you need to talk to him for the Monolith group.

You can also send the information group and also the duty to help the monolith.

Now you appear near the Monolith.Man group Liberty will tell all the rules of their group Monolith.Monolith such information is like and they will agree.At the end of a conversation you need to go to the Svoboda and said he would go with him.

Cluster Monolith

We see three corpses.It turns out that they were shot people Monolith.In PDAs dead you will find information about cluster Monolith.This you report to Kowalski, and he, in turn, will send two fighters.You meet them near the store the books.It'll be your friends - Vano and Sokolov.

squad categories Monolith will store books.You need to kill everyone in this building.You walk to the door with a force on the ground floor, which will be the last people Monolith.You will see a lot of trash.It turns out that through it they received orders, both through radio.Do you have a job - to repair the strange weapon.Next you need to go with a guide in Skadovsk.

Now you know all about the passage of Stalker Call Monolith!