Black Stalker : where to find the tools?

Black Stalker : where to find the tools?

The Black Stalker fashion game, which allows gamers to discover new stages traversed in the plot, there is a need to find tools.If you do not know where the game black stalker find tools, then we'll show you some secret places.

Location Zaton

guilds substation

go there, you will meet a group of mercenaries.They can kill or bribe tasty.Having dealt with them, go through the long building, access to the courtyard, where the boxes will find tools.


There are about 50 zombies, which you have to kill.Find a house near the old ZIL and go up to the attic.The boxes have the tools plus ammunition.


After meeting with a technician named Nitrogen you will quest in which you need to find a variety of tools:

  • train.It is accessible via the North Bridge, jumping on the roof.Then scroll through the cars.When they reached the last of them, take the necessary set of tools and run from there.Be careful, because the train is full of anomalies that affect the collision of a powerful electric c
  • Jupiter.This plant is not far from the concrete tubs.The necessary set of tools is located on the second floor, the road to which is also full of anomalies.Climbing up to the second floor, get a green cabinet set of tools for fine work.


In this location continues the quest of Azov, which also need calibration tools:

  • Department.In the west of the base there is a shop.Go through the maze with doors and deal with jerboas.Go down to the basement, where you will see on the rack case.Inside what you need;
  • CCD.In the old mill will have to fight with byurer.Walk between the anomalies that are found on the first floor, raising up the stairs and work your way down the corridor.So you find yourself in a large hall, where the enemy is waiting.Having overcome it, move to the back room.They arranged useful tools and supplies.

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