How to read books on the PSP?

How to read books on the PSP?

PSP - is a popular portable game console (console).Its functions are very diverse.For example, you can listen to music, watch movies, chat via Skype.Also, the console can be used for reading e-books.So, how to read a book on the psp?

So, in order to read the book on your PSP you will need:

  • card reader;
  • special program for reading books on the psp.

Consider instructions:

  • need to download a special program to read books on the PSP.For example, there is a good program for reading books on the PSP.It Bookr program.The program works steadily and has no analogues.Features Bookr program: supports djvu, pdf and txt;very flexible system settings, the ability to select the color of the text;support of bookmarks, landscape (portrait) mode of reading.The program for books and fonts have two subfolders: books and fonts.And the best thing is to put the book here.If the memory card is enough space, it is also possible to add and any other folder.This software can be easily downloaded from the Internet;
  • need to unzip the file to the program.Right-click, select "Extract files" line.In order for the program to function without problems, the console firmware should be not lower than 1.5.
  • select folders and SCE bookr% SCE bookr, click on the right mouse button and select "Copy."Then on your PSP you need to remove the memory card and insert it into a card reader on your PC.The computer's operating system must recognize the memory card;
  • in Windows Explorer you must select 'Open to view the files. "The memory card is PSP / GAMES folder.Right-click the mouse to click in the folder area.In the menu that appears, select the action "Insert".the program is installed on the console;
  • create a book in txt format.To do this, download the "Notepad" to create txt-document.Now you need to open a text book that you will read on the console.It is necessary to copy and paste, using a combination of Ctrl + V.Save the document: select "File" and "Save As."Where variants of text encodings, choose the "Unicode";
  • console memory card portable document txt.Then remove the PC from the memory card and install it into the console.Run the program on the PSP in the section "The GameĀ» - Memory Stick.Click on the Open file button and choose a book from the folder where it was copied.

On the Internet you can download free books for psp.And if you want to download books for the psp, but can not find a good torrent that, for example, here you will find everything.So, pleasant pastime.