What to give for 14 years ?

What to give for 14 years ?

Adolescence is rightly called a transition in the life of any person.It was at this time are the strongest personality changes - the child becomes an adult.Choosing a gift - it is always a difficult exercise, and particularly difficult to decide what to give a teenager 14 years.After all, in the interests of this age are changing at a tremendous speed, and that the teenager was wondering two days ago, today may seem quite to their liking.Let's talk about what to give for 14 years.

The first thing that is important to pay attention to when choosing a gift - it is the interests of the teenager, you'll give him.To do this, you can ask the parents what their child is interested, take a look at his page VKontakte.In addition, it is important to understand the children of this age.It is clear that no one would never give a 14-year-old set for knitting or a ticket to the concert Stas Mikhailov.Importantly, whom you have a teenager.It is one thing to give a gift to his son or daughter, and another - a fri

end or a girlfriend.And the last thing is important to consider - gender of the child.All this and more talk.

What to give a girl 14 years

  • Girls in their teens, in fact, like all the others, a lot of attention to their appearance.Therefore, any cosmetics would be a great gift.It is important to choose quality cosmetics, because perfectionism - one of the leading qualities of this age, and the skin is very sensitive teenager.
  • Teens love when they are paying attention.So why not emphasize the beauty of her age, remembering her on a quality photograph.Professional photo shoot would be an appropriate answer to the question what to give to a teenager 14 years.In addition, high-quality photos of the god ordered to put in a social network, where they can see all the friends and acquaintances.
  • Remember that the teen in the shower still remains a child.Therefore, a girl of 14 years old can safely give a soft toy.Moreover, the more will be its size, the greater will be pleased teenager.
  • Perhaps, it is difficult to imagine a teenager without any musical preferences.Headphones are a great gift for a girl that age.Feel free to give a larger model, the child will appreciate your efforts, because the more the headphones, the more attention will be given to a teenager, for example, in public transport.
  • teenager should be taught to self-sufficiency and care about someone other than yourself.Therefore, a pet is a great gift.Depending on the preferences of the child, you need to decide what to give - a hamster or goldfish.
  • If you choose a gift for his daughter, you should ask her the most, she wants to get.After all, at this age it is important to have an opinion and to have adult confidence.The completely useless to give a gift and spoil this relationship is much better to know the opinion of your child.

Gifts for a boy 14 years

  • Boys at this age interests change with jet speed, because the next man tries to find an area in which it will be successful.Therefore, before you run to the store in search of what to give the guy 14 years, is a little better to know the birthday.
  • If a child is interested in sports, the ticket to a football or basketball game will be very useful.And if the teenager in addition to this and more involved in sports, the subscription to the gym, tickets to swimming pool or skating rink will be perfectly apprehended the guy.
  • Certainly, every boy wants to learn to play the guitar.And many of those who begin training thrown out of one of the most complex components of the case - setting.Therefore, the tuner to tune your guitar, is an excellent option that give her son for 14 years.
  • Additionally, son, you can give something to his room.For example, a toy as his favorite character from the animated series, as well as a new keyboard or a lamp for his workplace.
  • Almost every young man loves military equipment.Model ship, aircraft, tanks, space rocket would be a wonderful gift for 14 years.Moreover, the toy will have to raise the child himself, that is doubly interesting.
  • For many children is a complex issue, what to give to a friend for 14 years.The answer is quite simple - a multiplayer computer game.Giving such a toy with your account, while with his friend will be more frequent.

that we should not give young people

At this age, many gifts can be received with hostility, so it is important to think carefully about what to give your child 14 years.

  • Teen pretty much pays attention to their appearance, at the same time wants to dress as he wants himself.So do not give clothes to your taste, it is much better to give the certificate to the store or to go with your child together.
  • Nor should give and various things related to their studies, the gift is better to do a completely neutral.At this age, there is a protest against the school, so in choosing a birthday present is better to refrain from different globes, books, etc.
  • Remember that the adolescent interests are changing every day.Therefore, if you think of the present, it is extremely important to know what you like in the moment, baby.Do not give things related to his previous hobbies - your gift in the evening will be in the closet.