Gifts for 3 years ?

Gifts for 3 years ?

child at the age of three - a little man with a quite conscious desires.The girls try to imitate moms and boys - dads.At this age children interested in developing games that require control levers, buttons.They already know that you can do, and what not.Develops logic, thinking and mental abilities.And a gift should be selected based on the interests of the child.So, what to give for 3 years?

Gifts for boys 3 years

The machine - the best gift for the baby.You can also pick up the plane, motorcycle, helicopter, ship.Optional for this age child to choose a toy on the remote control.A great pleasure he gets from self-control.Very exciting game for boys that age and older will be the railway or a roller coaster.I am pleased to lay the rails, and then observe the movement of wagons, make sounds and smoke coming from the chimneys, the whole family is.

future athletes can purchase a home sports complex, mini-trampoline to strengthen the immune system and learn to know your body.The ball really like y

our tomboy, but watch out for the baby, as it is not immediately able to control the flight range.Tricycle - one of the best gifts that will appeal to your child.

Gifts for 3-year old girls

Do not forget, no matter how many years had been a girl, she always feels a little princess and, of course, loves beautiful things.

Future hostess is very useful to children's tableware: plates, cups, pots, spoons.She would be happy to imitate mom, help prepare dinner and set the table.A children's home appliances such as irons, ironing board, vacuum cleaner, oven, washing machine, electric kettle will be wonderful assistants in the house.

little princess will be delighted with the beautiful dresses with lace and ribbons.And if you pick up the dress shoes with heels, crown, like Cinderella, or wings, like Thumbelina, then from the mirror it will not tear.Each baby, of course, appreciate the doll.In this age it is better not to choose the "Barbie" and PUPS, which you can bathe, feed, put on a pot.Just choose a toy of high quality material.

For a small "nurse" is very useful for children set of "Bolnichka".It includes a stethoscope, syringe, blood pressure cuff, ampoules, scissors, cotton wool robe and cap.Girl gladly cure all.

Gifts that will interest both boys and girls

  • designers, big puzzles of thick fabric, mosaic.Their assortment on the shelves is very large.
  • Albums, pencils, paints, markers, drawing board, easel.With these tools unpretentious child show their creativity.A set of plasticine molds for the development of intellectual abilities.
  • Musical toys, for example, singing bears, children's musical instruments.Children's computer will be a favorite toy for a few weeks.Talking poster - very informative and educational game in different areas of science, languages, etc.
  • Children's books and magazines with large bright or volumetric images and puzzles...
  • Collection CDs with their favorite cartoons.
  • Inflatable mattresses, tents with colorful balls.
  • Kids party with entertainers or soap bubbles show.Swimming with the dolphins, which is practiced for kids from 2 years old - is not only fascinating, but also recreational adventure for a kid;
  • roller or ice skating.
  • Sweets (but with parental permission).
  • gift certificate from a children's entertainment center and a supermarket.

Gifts for children starting from 2 years old should be informative, to match their interests and development.Give them love!And do not forget to wrap the fairing in a beautiful, bright packaging.