What to give : a girl of 12 years ?

What to give : a girl of 12 years ?

12 years - amazing age of tineydzherstva time.At this age, a man no longer feels like a child, although retains the features and interests inherent in children.But for adults, in contrast to older teens, he himself has not yet been felt.

For example, a twelve year old girl can still enjoy playing with dolls (real or computer), but has an interest in their appearance and begins to learn the basics of self-care.Therefore, the gift for girls of this age have to choose age-appropriate.Let's think about what to give a girl of 12 years.Which presents she will be happy?

Gifts related to the hobby and hobbies

hobby for teenagers - a way to self-realization and self-expression.Therefore, they are very sensitive and jealous of their own hobbies and everything connected with them.Girls often choose as a hobby creative "projects".At this age, they are addicted to all sorts of handmade techniques, start to dance and vocals, visited the studio drawing and arts and crafts.Therefore, everything that is connect

ed with girly hobbies, will be a welcome gift.

Another option - to give something designed for needlework and thereby awaken the girl's interest in a particular occupation.The stores of products for needlework can easily find kits for the manufacture of candles, stuffed animals or spirits, embroidery and painting.Take a walk through this store and see what might interest the 12-year-old girl.

Ā«AdultsĀ» gifts

girl of 12 years very much wants to be beautiful, but not yet able to intelligently and tastefully decorate themselves.This is the period when the young woman begins to learn to care for themselves.Therefore, all the gifts, one way or another connected with the process of care for the body, face and hair, the girl will be taken to blagodarnostyu.Chto can give a girl 12 years:

  • means for hair care: masks, foams, vitamins, etc., etc.;
  • tongs, irons, straighteners and hair dryer;
  • manicure set, nail polish, and various additions to manicure;
  • handmade soaps, bath bombs for;
  • spirits - a very meaningful gift for such a young woman.

Clothing, Shoes & Accessories Girls

very jealous of her wardrobe.In this age they want to "be like everyone else."So fashionable among teenagers Clothing desirable for girls to 12 years.It is best if such a gift you will choose together.Because please teenager, selecting a gift on their own, it is practically impossible!

Young ladies also love all kinds of jewelry: bracelets, earrings, pendants.Especially handmade products, ranging from mundane baubles.When choosing, be forgiving and patient.At 12 years old girl is not always aware of the fact that some of the things she had never age.But at the same time clearly trendy teen clothing and accessories still do not reject.Things


awareness of personal space and the right to have their personal, inviolable things - one of the signs of growing up.So feel free to give to what will be in the girl at home.Even better, these things will be registered (with the inscription, engraving, embroidery).It may be, for example, a glass or cup and saucer, a pillow or a blanket.

that we should not give

  • money.This is not a gift for the child even if the child already feels like an adult.
  • expensive digital equipment (camera, phone, etc.): it can steal or rob.
  • Baby things - such a gift will be perceived, at best, with displeasure, and at worst - as an insult.

Many times think before you choose a gift for a girl 12 years.At this age, they are very vulnerable.Be sure to consider the "degree of maturity" of a teenager, his interests and hobbies.

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