How to draw water?

How to draw water?

landscape painting, where there is no water at all, not so much impressed the audience.It is quite another - images like this, river, sea, ocean, dew dripping on the bright grass, brook or rain.Write these charms pencil is capable of not every artist who paints a different matter, with which it is easier to allocate at least conditionally water.Everyone understands that the field can not be a sea of ​​color, and the dew distinguished by the fact that it is lighter than the entire sheet.Let's talk about how to draw a pencil water.

sea, lake, river, pond


First, decide for yourself what kind of water you want to see in the picture.Without this you will not be able to choose the right position of the sheet and decide on further action.If you want to draw the sea, start with the horizon line.If it is a pond or small lake, mark coastlines.The most near shore should draw from the pressure, and the far - lighter line.

River designated lines its banks.Do not forget about the long term - even th

e same throughout the site river is near you seem a little wider than the distance.If you picture the current across the plains of the river, that line its banks will converge on the horizon at one point.Drawing fountain, first mark its contours, if it falls, note the overall shape.

Restless water

Note that even in the absence of wind, sea surface is never completely flat.If it is good you look closely, you'll see how she seemed a little worried and trembling.On a lake or the sea is more noticeable than on the pond.

Draw a line that separates the lake or sea water from the shore.It must be horizontal, long and wavy.The rest of the paint with short-wave lines.Do not forget that the distance between the waves near the shore increases as compared to the area near the horizon.Waves can be seen more clearly, you can see their shape.Stand back a short distance and draw a parallel to the coast are long, continuous, wavy lines.


Next wave line should be shorter, but more even than those which are between the bank and the first wave.Take breaks in different places.Other waves are drawn in the same way each time but its curvature is reduced to near the horizon, they were almost in direct close to each other.When the image of the lake, used the same technique ..


To draw a river, first mark the direction of its flow.In the middle need to spend a wavy line, which is parallel to draw a little closer about three less than the length of wavy lines.

How to Draw a drop of water

few tips:

  • Nothing is perfect.Do not seek to achieve a fully flat form drops, because there are none in nature, and they will look unrealistic.
  • background.The main background color, choose yourself.It can be green, blue, pink or any other color.
  • Shadow.With the help of the selected color, draw a small drop shadow in the form of a crescent, starting with the dark tones to more light.In the same color to create a shadow in front of droplets lower shadows and give it a blue hue.
  • Glare.We draw water, watercolor, you can use white paint mixed with acrylic, to give our drop glare.The lower part of lighten to become a drop volume.In the dark areas is better to make a few small white reflexes.
  • Contrast.To get your droplet became more contrast, apply to the lower contour and glare acrylic paint.For the appearance of depth, near the drop, apply a light gray color.

Now you have an idea of ​​how to draw the water in different states of its waters.The most important thing - watch for nature and a lot of practice.