How to install the downloaded games ?

How to install the downloaded games ?

Computer games entered the lives of many people everywhere.Today, many people are playing, that at least a few know how to use a computer.However, a person who has just started to learn how to use a personal computer and want to install the game, do not always understand how to do it.Download a image of the game, he could from the network, but the set - does not know how.

Such file formats as.mdf or.iso, baffled by the fact that do not open and do not run the usual methods.In the digital age, most gamers prefer to download an electronic version of the virtual games instead of buying discs.And then the question arises: how to install the downloaded game in this format?We'll talk about this in more detail.

How to install the game format.mdf

files.mdf and.mds - just an extension of the captured image of a disk packed into archives.To open or run this file, you need to download a special program.However, if you installed the latest Windows 8, the problem is easily solved.

Installing games on Windo
ws 8

One of the advantages of the new operating system Windows 8 is the ability to open files format.mdf.This happens simply.By clicking twice on the desired file, you will see how the operating system creates a virtual drive and it puts a disk image.This will open a window with the contents of the virtual disk and the usual opportunity to run Autorun-file and start the installation.After the installation disk can be removed from the virtual drive.

Installing the game using

programs For those who do not have the new operating system, there are special programs.Files.mdf and.mds are favorite program extensions Alcohol 120%, but also easy to open any other like UltraISO, WinIso, IsoBuster, ISO Commander.How does the installation with the help of these programs?

Just like Windows 8, the program creates a virtual drive.With it, and opens the file.In addition, such programs are able to record the disk image on a real vehicle as a result of what you can take a drive and take a friend to install.

about how to install the game, described in detail in another article of our resource - How to install the game.For more information about how to install Daemon tools in the program can be read in the article How to mount an image in Daemon tools.

How to install the game format.iso

format.iso - a universal format that absolutely all the programs installed.The image can even open the usual Winrar-th, but it will not help run the installation, but only be able to change the content.

disk image into a virtual drive installation occurs the situation is absolutely identical to the format.mdf.

addition to these formats, there is still a very rare format.nrg, which is the native format of Nero.It is very rare, and it opens the program are the same as for the other formats.

most popular programs for installation disk images - is Nero, Alcohol, DAEMON Tools.They are able to do all that is necessary - to create a virtual drive to emulate the installation, record the image on a real disk, or through Cd- Dvd-drive.

How to install the game from multiple disk images

It so happens that the downloaded game consists of multiple disk images, sometimes even in different formats.This was done in order to make it easier to carry on a real disk.If there was a single file, then it is likely that put him on the disc would be impossible.And so, having broken into several files that can be used for each individual blanks.

If files of different formats of the game, it does not matter.After all, for creating an image of the program does not care what the file format.The most popular programs are able to identify and work with almost all types of these emulators disk.

When you start the installation of the disk image, after some time, the message "Insert Disc 2 into the drive," or similar.This means that from one image file to install all the files, and it's time to start the second image through the same program.Once the file is emulated in the virtual drive, press the button «OK», and installation will continue.

With the advent of these formats is much easier to download games, movies, music and other files from the Internet than buying a real drive, which will take place on the shelf.Someday disks will be gone forever in the past, opening the door to a completely virtual future.