How to play the cards?

How to play the cards?

hard to find in today's world of man, who did not play cards.There are many reasons that encourage people in the days of the Internet, video games and the TV again and again to sit at the table to play.Despite the fact that in recent years, and the card can be played on the computer, many still prefer the company of friends.There is just a huge number of card games, many of them are modified over time, but every game always has its own clear rules.In this article we will look at a few popular card games and rules to them.

Playing the fool

most popular card game in the former Soviet Union.Learning good to play it simple.


fool Playing the fool simple, players throw up one another 1, 2, 3, 4 of a kind, you need to cover the cards of the same suit, only more dignity, or trump cards.If planted in the game for more than 6 cards, the player who beats himself can choose which card to beat him.If he can not do this, he takes the card and passes the turn.


same rules, but adds the ability

to throw up other players.If goeth nothing to throw, you can begin to throw up in turn.

Transferable fool

To all of the above is added the possibility to transfer the neighbor card.The point is that if the player tossed the card, whose analogue (the same value card) he has, he can easily transfer them to your neighbor, whose turn to be the next.For example, the player tossed a six of diamonds, and he has a six of clubs.He puts his six next to the one that he planted, and translates neighbor cards to whose turn it was to be next.If he has a six, he may transfer all three neighbor maps.If he does not have a suitable card, it should cover all those cards, which he was transferred.

Twenty-one (Point)

This game was invented in the USSR, probably, "Twenty-one" was an analog of Blackjack.Attribute this to the fact that the Union did not have the logs that made up to 54 cards, so the calculation was only 36.

cards Price in points: Ace - 11 points, King - 4 points, the Lady - 3 points, Jack - 2points, the other cards - at its face value.

to start in the game is determined by the banker.Shuffle a deck of cards and pass on the queue.The player to the left of the banker, should remove the card, then the banker announces the amount in the bank.Opening the card, the banker puts it on the pile, from that moment the game begins.The man who will have to take the card, which took the banker, can not leave the game without putting an amount not exceeding the amount of the bank.Next, turn the bankers in the game are changing.Each participant should dial the number of cards so that in the end the total score was 21. The winner is the one who gains the most points.The losers are those who scored less, and according to the rules they have to pay the bank a loss.The winners take the same amount of gain.In case of equal points the bank takes the banker.Game point continues as long as the bank does not exceed the banker will bid three times.

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