How to play the point ?

How to play the point ?

Everyone has heard about the existence of such a game, as a 21 or a point, but still not everyone knows the rules and intricacies of the game.Right now we will acquaint you with the rules and the essence of how to play blackjack.

How to play the 21 (point)?

The game belongs to the category of gambling and has different names, because in Russia it became famous under names such as points or 21 points, or just 21, in a foreign version you can find games like Blackjack, Baccarat and other games with similar rules.So let's learn how to play blackjack, get acquainted with the value of the card, the basic rules that need to know the player and other important stuff that will make you shine in the game with your opponent.

basic rules in point:

aim of the game is not treason - to win you need to score 21 points.The game can not play a limited number of people from two or more.Since the game is related to gambling, as a rule, when you play in a point system is used to win bets.To play the game using a

simple deck of 36 cards.At the beginning of the game involved choosing the banker or dealer in a simple map, it is possible to determine by a simple drawing of lots.Once decided on the banker, the first game he takes in the next Konakh deal the cards can a man following a banker in a clockwise direction.

Before the game, the banker shuffles the deck and give the card 1 to remove the right of the player himself, after a simple manipulation of the banker announced the bank and each player makes the already pre-agreed rate.Issuance of the cards are face down to each player one by one, imagine the banker deals the cards from the bottom of the deck and revealing, puts it on top of the deck.All further delivery of cards in this horse will be made only from the bottom of the deck, and not from the top as the first time.The first card always takes a banker.Now, when in the hands of each player already has one card, he is obliged to continue the game until the completion of the total lottery bank.Before you get your hands on a second card players assess the situation, make the bank updating bids not exceeding the total amount in the bank at the moment, and take a second card, or rejects it and stops with the already typed score.

player with the cards 21 points, no longer has the right to take the rest of the cards and announce that he had 21 as the player with 21 points, can withdraw your winnings at the rate of the bank.If the player scores more than 21 points (search) is also reported about this, it in turn pays the bank debt, for covering up busting the bank to pay double fee.

Departures of game cards placed on top of the deck, a banker's card.The winner is the player with the most points, if the banker and the player the same number of points is considered a draw, the player can pick up a call and make a new - more or less than it was.In the case when a player breaks the bank and takes the whole prize, right shuffling the cards passed to the next in a clockwise direction.

In the game there is a rule that transoms are not enough cards is carried out in a dark jacket up - the player has already scored 15 points to win a few of them.The player asks for another card the banker, despite its nominal leaving her face down until the end of the draw, in this case, the player defends itself against double payment (for sorting points in the dark does not penalize the player).

rates Bank of the game is going to knock - the amount of money, three times the banker bet.If the banker announces knock a player can bet any amount in the bank, not to exceed the bank.In this case, the winning player takes the amount won and loss making (if the bank amounted to 20 rubles, a player puts on the line 10 rubles, while its prize pot will be 10 rubles, and in the case of loss the bank will have 30 rubles).According to the rules of the game in the ass all the remaining money after knocking depart banker.

value cards while playing blackjack:

Jack - you 2 points, the lady - 3 points, king - 4 points, Ace - 11 points (but sometimes it is assigned a nominal value by 1 point), all other cards are on their ownvalue.