How to win in the " Fool " ?

Как выиграть в "Дурака"?

"Fool" - a well-known card game.Those who have ever played the fool, probably noticed that the loss somehow annoys or offends, so you want to, no matter what was to win.How to win in the Fool?There are a few simple techniques yl tactics, using which you can significantly increase your chances of winning.

First of all, you have to learn the rules of the game perfectly.There are several varieties around with a few differences in the rules of the game.To learn the rules of the game, read the article:

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strategy leading to victory

Knowing the tricks of successful game in the Fool, you can win.

Saving strong cards

Strong card - it trumps and the ace, king and queen of ordinary suits.If the cards come to you at the beginning of the game, then they should not be directly used for the rebound.If you have nothing else to fight, then it may be better to take the cards that you entered.And their strong cards leave the game for the final


Also, if during the game you went to high cards, better take them and leave yourself on the "black day".These cards will you use to attack the enemy in the final game.If an opponent during the game squandered their full potential, and you saved it, then at the end of the game you will provide an advantage.

Paired cards

presence paired cards has the value that you can use them to hang up.This reduces the likelihood that you anything else just settle.If you have a choice, even the beat of a larger map, which has a pair.If you discourage two different low cards, then you gather up yourself many more of the same.

If your approach is also good to use the card, if you have a pair in their hands to it.When the enemy discourage your first card, you will always be able to throw him another one (or more).

Memory cards coming out of the game

Knowing which cards were the enemy at the end of Law, will give you an advantage if you have your opponent were about equal in strength cards.