How to shuffle the cards ?

How to shuffle the cards ?

Maybe you did not want to devote themselves to the work of the dealer, but spread to family and friends in the cards to tell fortunes, or they will find the time.The image of a professional card player is automatically created when people watch the art of shuffling cards.We will give you tips on how to effectively interfere with the card.

Deck of cards before the game, or other action should be carefully shuffled.So, to all ranks and suits located in it at regular intervals.To learn the technique, how to shuffle the cards, it is necessary to keep the deck more often in the hands, hand unconsciously accustomed to its weight, size, texture.Mix cards should be relaxed, unhurried, without too much fuss.

simple way to

Strip.The deck on the table wide side to you.Big and ring fingers of the left hand take a pack of face, the index is at the top of his shirt cards.You pick up a little deck on the table.Big and ring fingers of the left hand grab about a third of the deck.The left hand with the remainde

r of the deck is put aside.Maps in the right hand put on the table and repeat the procedure with the cards in his left hand, until they all move to the table.

Effective Way

Riffl.The deck in front of you on the table.Divide it roughly equal.The resulting stack is at an angle to each other.Pointing the finger rest on his shirt, the other fingers hold the ends of the deck.Clutching a deck of index finger, large flex deck edge to the top.Combines angles decks to a light touch and release the thumbs.Maps will develop one by one in turn.Using linked angles decks, combine two parts into a single deck.

spectacular way to

Then offer to understand how to learn to shuffle the cards spectacular and impressive.It is this impression shuffle with just one hand.

Simple Card volts

Deck, place the palm of one hand, the top face.Wide side decks based on the ring and middle fingers.The little finger and index record deck on the ends.The thumb is free and slightly spaced from the deck.

thumb split the deck (in close to you right) near the middle, so that the lower half leaned on his hand, and the angle of the upper half was held with the thumb.Next, using a finger fulcrum thumb while holding the angle, begin to turn away.As soon as the upper part of the deck is moved, the little finger and ring finger to adhere to the remainder of the cards.When the upper half of the scroll on the bottom, do the following.The little finger and ring finger pushing down the rest of the deck (he will rely on hand at an angle).Lowers the upper part of the deck on the palm and covering the second half of cards.